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This user is a bot
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Legobot and friends
Legobot and friends fighting in Operation Enduring Encyclopedia.
OperatorLegoktm (talk)
Task(s)See table
Edit rateVaries per task
Edit period(s)Varies per task
Automatic or manual?Automatic mainly
Programming language(s)Pywikibot, PHP, etc.
Exclusion compliant?No
Source code published?[1], [2], [3]
Emergency shutoff-compliant?Yes


Bot Task Status Description Activity
Task 1  Approved. Substituting Templates     -Inactive
Task 2 Symbol abstain vote grey.svg Withdrawn by operator. Moves images to the Wikimedia Commons, that have {{move to commons}} on them.     -Inactive
Task 3  Approved. Help with Wikipedia:CFD and Wikipedia:UCFD     -Inactive
Task 4 Request Expired. Checks for dead links, reports them on talk page.     -Inactive
Task 5  Approved. Replacing deprecated templates with {{coord}} (BOTREQ)     -Inactive
Task 6  Approved. Moving pages per Bot request     -Active
Task 7  Approved. Tagging for Wikipedia:WikiProject Iran football and other projects per request     -Active
Task 8  Approved. Creating watchlist for Wikipedia:CFL     -Inactive
Task 9 Symbol abstain vote grey.svg Withdrawn by operator. Updating Wikipedia:NTWW, from m:Wikivoices.     -Inactive
Task 10  Approved. Updating Wikipedia:PUI#Holding cell     -Active
Task 11 Request Expired. Removes articles from a todo template.     -Inactive
Task 12 Denied. Moves userpages which were accidentally created in the mainspace to the userspace.     -Inactive
Task 13  Approved. Creates a list of incorrectly moved pages for WP:AFC     -Active
Task 14  Approved. Creates/modifies redirects related to digraphs & trigraphs.     -Active
Task 15  Approved. Replacement for User:HBC Archive Indexerbot     -Active
Task 16  Approved. Moves pages per RM     -Active
Task 17  Approved. Create un-punctuated redirects for SCOTUS cases.     -Active
Task 18  Approved. Adds |oldid= to {{GA}} when missing     -Active
Task 19  Approved. Populating Category:Transport infrastructure by year of completion     -Active
Task 20  Approved. Marks broken redirects for speedy deletion     -Active
Task 21  Approved. Removing all uses of {{has-NFUR}} and other related functions     -Inactive
Task 22  Approved. Adds |image has rationale=yes to files with a valid NFUR     -Active
Task 23  Approved. Tag* links with {{dead link}}     -Inactive
Task 24 Symbol abstain vote grey.svg Withdrawn by operator. Update {{infobox hurricane current}}     -Inactive
Task 25  Approved. Moves {{ODNBsub}} outside of {{cite xxx}}.     -Active
Task 26 Request Expired. Removes blue links from WP:RA, tags talkpages with {{WikiProject Requested articles}}     -Active
Task 27  Approved. Creating Palestine related redirects     -Inactive
Task 28  Approved. Convert langlinks to Wikidata     -Active
Task 29 Symbol abstain vote grey.svg Withdrawn by operator. Convert {{MusicBrainz release}} to {{MusicBrainz release group}}     -Inactive
Task 33  Approved. Take over of RFC bot (task 1, task 2), GA bot, One bot and Chris G Bot 3     -Active


For most things, {{bots|deny=Legobot}} should work. If you wish to opt-out of GA bot notices, please use {{bots|deny=GA bot}}

If it keeps removing an RFC as expired that you wish to continue for whatever reason, add <!-- RFCBot Ignore Expired --> somewhere on the page. It's your responsibility to archive the RFC and remove the template once it is over.