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Wikipedia Vandalism Watch
Developer(s)Lloyd Pick
Stable release
v1.0.0.1 / August 28th, 2007
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows
TypeWikipedia Tools
WebsiteDownload from (Link is currently inactive.)

Wikipedia Vandalism Watch is an application that is designed to reduce the time required to find vandalism on Wikipedia. It is built using Microsoft Visual C Sharp for Microsoft Windows.

Work flow[edit]

Upon loading, Wikipedia Vandalism Watch scans the list of watched users that have been entered into the program. It takes this list and grabs the contribution page of each of the users, if it detects a top edit within the last 10minutes it flags it to the user via the application. The user can then directly open the selected diffs for review in the default browser.


This application is in active development as of August, 2007. It is purely developed by Lloyd Pick with contributions from Cheezykins and Murray-Mint

Change Log[edit]


  • Added the ability to offset the UTC time that Wikipedia uses.
    Simply open it timeoffset.dat in a text editor and adjust the number for how many hours you'd like to offset ahead of UTC.


- Initial Version :)