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Basically an Electrical & Electronics Engineer, passed out of 1980 from a global repute institution (BITS Pilani) having vast experience (of about 30 years) in industry.Belong to small muslim community ,having faith in Fatimid Shia Islam ,open to all for betterment of Huminity and brotherlihood. Trying to harmonise all Fatimid related article, and do value addition wherever possible in the interest of all. Not so expert in English literature,casual and instant editor, may pl. correct/improve wherever possible.--Md iet (talk) 07:08, 26 August 2010 (UTC)

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Fatimid Caliphate, Mustaali,Ismailism, List of Ismaili Imams, Shia Islam, Adhan,Shahada,Taiyabi,Battle of Karbala, Dawoodi Bohra, Druze, Caliphate,

Mosque of Ibn Tulun, Kufa, Sham,‎ Damascus,Dome of the Rock, Al-Aqsa Mosque,Al-Hakim Mosque,Cairo,Bab al-Futuh ,Great Mosque of Kufa, Aqmar Mosque, Tomb of Mary , Church of the Holy Sepulchre,Al Jamea tus Saifiyah

Muhammad, Ali,Fatimah, Isaac, Islamic view of Isaac, Abraham, Islamic view of Abraham, Mary (mother of Jesus), Jesus, Ebrahim, ‎‎Jesus in Islam, David, ‎Mary (mother of Jesus),Islamic views on Mary, Yahya ibn Zakariyya, Moses,Musa, Imran (father of Maryam), Samuel (Biblical figure), Sulaiman, Islamic view of David

Habib ibn Muzahir, Qasim ibn Hasan, Hasan ibn Ali, Sukayna bint Husayn , Husayn ibn Ali, Zaynab bint Ali, Umm Kulthum bint Ali, Malik al-Ashtar,Sakinah(Fatema Kubra) bint Husayn,Ja`far ibn Abī Tālib,zayn al-Abedin

Al-Hurra Al-Malika, At-Tayyib Abi l-Qasim, Ja'far al-Sadiq, Muhammad al-Baqir , Ismail al-Mansur, Muhammad al-Qa'im Bi-Amrillah, Husain ibn Ahmad / Rabi Abdullah, Ahmad ibn Abdullah / Taqi Muhammad ,Al-Muizz Lideenillah, Ubayd Allah al-Mahdi Billah,Arwa al-Sulayhi,Abdullah ibn mohammad / Wafi Ahmad, Al-Musta'li,

Mohammed Burhanuddin ,Taher Saifuddin, ‎

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Uploaded files[edit]

Most of the Items are photographed/created/developed by me:
Nabi Daud .JPG

Used in Articles: Islamic view of David

Grave of Yahya Nabi.JPG

Articles: John the Baptist, Yahya ibn Zakariyya

Grave Nabi Imran,Tomb of Mary,Jerusalem.JPG

Articles: Imran (father of Maryam)

Christ after death,Wall painting at Holy Sepulchre,Jerusalam.JPG


Entrance tomb of nabi Samuel.JPG

Articles: Samuel (The Prophet,Biblical figure)

Mosque Samuel Nabi.JPG

Grave Samuel Nabi.JPG

Samuel Nabi.JPG

Nabi tree.pdf

File:Nabi tree.pdf Articles: Muhammad, Moses, Jesus

Taher Saifuddin name at Aqsa mosqe.JPG

Articles: Taher Saifuddin

Name plate, mosque Imam Abadullah,Salamia,Syria.JPG

Articles: Dawoodi Bohra, Mohammed Burhanuddin

Mosque Imam Abadullah,Salamia,Syria.JPG

Articles: Dawoodi Bohra, Mohammed Burhanuddin

Name plate,Zaffer-ut-tayyar.JPG

Articles: Dawoodi Bohra, Mohammed Burhanuddin

Name plate,Ruqayya Zarih.jpg

Articles: Dawoodi Bohra, Mohammed Burhanuddin

File:Name plate lulua mosque.jpg
Name plate lulua mosque.jpg

Articles: Dawoodi Bohra, Mohammed Burhanuddin

Painting at Tomb of Mary .JPG

Articles: Mary's Tomb, Islamic views on Mary

Mary and christ,photo frame at Tomb of Mary.JPG

Articles: Mary's Tomb, Islamic views on Mary

Outside View ,tomb of Mary.JPG

Articles: Mary (mother of Jesus) , Mary's Tomb, Islamic views on Mary

Nabi Daud.JPG

Articles: David, Islamic view of David

Nabi Daud Compound.JPG

Articles: David, Islamic view of David

Grave ,Nabi Daud.JPG

Articles: Islamic view of David

Mausoleum of Nabi Suleman.JPG

Articles: Solomon, Islamic view of Solomon

Entrance mosque Ibn Tulun.jpg

Articles: Mosque of Ibn Tulun

Kalema on second inscription slab,byFatimid wazir Badr al-Jamāl.jpg

Articles: Mosque of Ibn Tulun

Court yard & minar al-Hakim .jpg

Articles:Al-Hakim Mosque

Renovated Qibla,Al-hakim by Dawoodi Bohra.jpg

Articles: Al-Hakim Mosque

Entry gate.jpg

Articles: Al-Hakim Mosque

Phanus(lamp) Aqmar Mosque.jpg

Articles: Aqmar Mosque

Inscription above Qibla Aqsa mosque 1.JPG

Articles: Al-Aqsa Mosque

Rock inside Bait-ul-Muqaddas.JPG

Articles: Dome of the Rock

Insciption on Aqmar main gate 1.jpg

Articles: Aqmar Mosque

Imam Husayn Mosque.jpg

Articles: Cairo

Grave,Nabi Musa.jpg

Articles: Islamic view of Moses

Nabi Musa jerico-Jerusalam.jpg

Articles: Moses, Islamic view of Moses

Renovated Qibla Lulua mosque.jpg

Articles: Lulua Mosque

Lulua Mosque.jpg

Articles: Cairo, Dawoodi Bohra, Mohammed Burhanuddin, Lulua Mosque

Masjid having Nafisa Mausoleum side by,Cairo .jpg

Articles: Cairo, Zaynab bint Ali

Bab al-Futuh.jpg

Articles: Bab al-Futuh

Aqmar Mosque .jpg

Articles: Cairo, Aqmar Mosque

Aqmar minaret.jpg

Articles: Aqmar Mosque

Aqmar Interior.jpg

Articles: Dawoodi Bohra, Mohammed Burhanuddin, Aqmar Mosque

Juyushi Mosque,Cairo.jpg

Articles: Cairo, Dawoodi Bohra, Mohammed Burhanuddin, Juyushi Mosque

Sayyeda Ruqayya Mashhad.jpg

Articles: Cairo, Zaynab bint Ali

Sayyeda Ruqayya, cairo,Architecture.jpg

Articles: Zaynab bint Ali

Sayyeda Ruqayya, cairo.jpg

Articles: Dawoodi Bohra, Mohammed Burhanuddin, Zaynab bint Ali

Aqmar corner.jpg

Articles: Aqmar Mosque

Insciption on Aqmar main gate.jpg

Aqmar Mosque,Cairo.jpg
File:Insciption on Aqmar.jpg
Insciption on Aqmar.jpg

Articles: Aqmar Mosque

Aqmar Mosque,Cairo.jpg

Articles: Aqmar Mosque

Grave of Sakina(4 Year old),Rukayya mosque,Damascus.JPG

Articles: Sukayna bint Husayn

Aqmar Mosque,Cairo.jpg
Sakina(Fatema Kubra)'s grave,Bab-e Saghir,Damascus.JPG

Articles: Sakinah(Fatema Kubra) bint Husayn

Cracked rock , Church Holy Sepulchre .JPG

Cracked rock at Church Holy Sepulchre .JPG

Articles: Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Christ burial place,Jerusalam.JPG

Place where body of Jesus kept after death,Jerusalam church.JPG

Articles: Jesus

Mary photo at Christ burial place,Jerusalam.JPG

The burial place of Husayn's head in Askelan,Israel.JPG

Articles: Husayn ibn Ali

Ibrahim Mosque.JPG

Articles: Isaac, Islamic view of Abraham

Mausoleum Nabi Ibrahim.JPG
Mausoleum Sayyeda Sarah bint Nabi Ibrahim.JPG

File:Nabi Ibrahim.JPG
Nabi Ibrahim.JPG

Articles: Islamic view of Isaac

Zarih Zaynab-ul-Kubra,Damascus.JPG

Articles: Umm Kulthum bint Ali

Zarih Sakina (Fatema Kubra,11 yr. old) Bab saghir, Damascus.JPG

Articles: Sukayna bint Husayn, Sakinah(Fatema Kubra) bint Husayn

Mosque-Mausoleum Zaynab,Cairo .jpg

Articles: Cairo, Zaynab bint Ali

Zarih Jafer-at-Tayyar.JPG

Articles: Dawoodi Bohra, Mohammed Burhanuddin, Ja`far ibn Abī Tālib, Mu'tah

Mausoleum ,Jafer-ut-Tayyar,Jordan.JPG

Articles: Ja`far ibn Abī Tālib

Imam Salamia.JPG

Articles: Abdullah ibn mohammad / Wafi Ahmad

Tunnel imam salamia.JPG

Articles: Abdullah ibn mohammad / Wafi Ahmad

Mousoleum Imam Abadullah.JPG

Articles: Abdullah ibn mohammad / Wafi Ahmad

Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr grave 229.jpg

Articles: Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr

Malik Al-Ashtar grave.jpg

Articles: Malik al-Ashtar

Mousoleum Malik Al-Ashtar .jpg

Articles: Malik al-Ashtar

Zainab-ul Kubra Mosque.JPG

Articles: Damascus, Umm Kulthum bint Ali

Ruqayya Mosque.JPG

Articles: Damascus

Qibla Imam Ali -Zainul-abedin,Sham.JPG

Dawoodi Bohra 52 nd Dai Sayyedna Mohd. Burhanuddin.jpg

Self Articles: Dawoodi Bohra, Mohammed Burhanuddin, List of Dai of Dawoodi Bohra

Ali Mausoleum compound,Najaf.jpg

Self Articles: Ali

Zarih Ali, view from main gate.jpg

Articles: Ali

Entrance Abbas shrine,Karbala.jpg

Self Articles: Al-Abbas ibn Ali

Place of head Imam Husain Yezid mosque,Damascus.JPG

Self Articles: Husayn ibn Ali

Zaynab Tekari.jpg

Self Articles: Zaynab bint Ali

Roza-al- Abbas.jpg