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Here to assist to the best of my ability. Guidance appreciated. As an End user I find WP to be an invaluable resource. As a contributor I hope I help others find the balanced information they need to find from a nuetral source.

This page shall be more interesting soon... I do enjoy Vanilla Coke Zero, as well as Propel. I am a carnivore. Roots are Upper West Side.

  1. What is my personal choice for meat?
    • Steak for two at Peter Luger Steak House (Brooklyn). Very practical choice. Allows one party at the table to opt for medium rare while the other person requests medium. The staff completes the cooking process table-side, searing the chosen portion on the serving plate itself... piping hot- best not to touch service plate until it has cooled. If you have read this far- please feel free to make a reservation for an upcoming Thursday at 1:45.
    • Further reading suggestion: Frank Bruni's review; NYT- Sept. 17, 2007.
  2. While I do hold a degree in English, my focus was on the literature, not the language and how to apply it when writing. One of the most thoughtful graduation gifts came from my roommate's parents: The Elements of Style
  3. I am a former smoker of cigarettes and have spent a decent amount of time learning about the vaping industry and late 2017 began to dive into the world of DIY e-liquid, which allows me to customize what I vape.
    1. It is nice to be able to put the years of culinary skills I gained from my mothers, along with my Masters of Mixology from Harvard SA to use for this relatively new hoppy. Measuring my ingredients to 0.01g accuracy, I know how much sweetener or PG is in my final product. There are some flavorings you can use alone with your base, but they are few. It usually takes me four ingredients or more to achieve the flavor profile I seek.
    2. In June I was steeping (aging/oxidizing) versions 4, 5 & 6 of a Buttermilk Pie recipe to see if I like the addition of Coconut (as I found Laura Bush serves the dish- via America's Table) as well as with custard of the many I have to choose from suits my palette best. This recipe has 12-14 ingredients. The original inspiration for my Buttermilk Pie endeavor which has yet to be concluded came after a good friend who recommended I try Primitive Vapors Buttermilk Pie e-liquid. In researching my options, I can across her Texas Buttermilk Pie recipe and knew I had to give it a shot. It's now October and I'm still contemplating if anything should be eliminated or added. Certain flavorings like Flavorah Rich Cinnamon and Inawera Creme Brûlée will definitely be in my final version, but do I use Capella Golden Butter or their Butter Cream. I thought it would be Purilum Butter Cream for a final. This new flavoring company has created all their products from the ground up specifically with the vapor in mind, not the person looking to make candy or soap, and each offering is DAAP free. Now having finally tried Capella's Golden Butter I see why it belongs in this recipe. One nice thing about making so many 'almost there' versions is having the option to rework them into something better as a side project. In this instance, Flavorah Frosting along with some additional biscuit or pound cake have made these mediocre efforts into a few wonderful dessert vapes. Yes, over the months I have relegated about 150 ml to long term storage for reevaluation at tbd time but that pales in comparison to the things that have worked. Good to know that companies like Flavor Art separate vaping flavors from culinary flavors. Inawera is unfortunately known for introducing the most desirable flavor profiles and then reformulating them without notice. I fear this just happened to the Creme Brûlée if the rumors are true. I must use what I have on hand sparingly.
    3. As much as the FDA is still reviewing comments about the regulation of flavors in tobacco products, it might have been a better idea to just get some informed people in a room to discuss the matter like they do on their Nicotine Steering Committee. This consumer market driven industry, separate from BIG PHARMA & BIG TOBACCO, has really done an incredible job at innovating and self-regulating including the circulation of a BLACKLIST for any companies that name their products in unacceptable ways and include graphics that might appear to youth. The effectiveness of this blacklist is surprisingly high. It isn't that surprising to find much of the financial support for anti-vaping efforts has come form Big Pharma. The NRT business has taken a dive of near 33% in the last decade and lost 25% of its profits. Given the high cost of pharmaceuticals compared to the minute manufacturer revenue per carton of cigarettes, such losses are significant. What States do with their larger portion of the total revenues for cigarettes (both from taxes and the legal fees that they're collecting from lawsuits against Big Tobacco) I can not say for certain. The CDC recommended that 12% be allocated for Tobacco Control alone for FY 2018. Not a single State budgeted over 3% total and that went primarily to cessation programming. Where might our misguided and warward youth be today if Tobacco Control was properly funded.
    4. Please reach out to me if you are looking for input on a project you have in your sandbox.. I understand it is a very complicated matter given all the revenue generated from the sale of tobacco products. I also see the 22% of cancer deaths that stem from smoking alone. Tobacco Harm Reduction really isn't comprehended by enough people yet.
  4. My Dad used to have a home on a lake in the Sullivan county. He moved back to an apartment in the city when his wife's Glaucoma became severe. One of my favorite memories of Dad at that house is his frequent barking at the ducks on the property. They scattered promptly.

Now get off my user page and go be productive... PhilEdits (talk) 14:02, 1 April 2018 (UTC)

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