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About me[edit]

Hi, I'm Nthep, I've been a registered editor on Wikipedia since 2006 but it's only since 2009 that I started editing in earnest. I am an administrator here on en-wiki. I'm something of a WikiHobbit with a particular interest in copyright and free use.
GladstonePotteryMuseum(ValVannet)Jul2004.jpg From the UK, I'm a native of Stoke-on-Trent widely known as The Potteries and grew up in an area surrounded by pottery works like the one on the left. Sadly most of these have gone and the local pottery industry is only a shadow of its former self but at least some of the old works remain, this one, Gladstone Pottery is now a museum.
Upper Wharfedale from north of Buckden - - 834546.jpg But now I live in the Yorkshire Dales and enjoy scenery like this virtually on my doorstep.

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