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This is the main user page for Wikipedia user "Ohiostandard" (me).

If you'd like to comment upon my use of Wikipedia, please append an edit to my discussion/talk page.

My User-Created Subpages[edit]

  • My second sandbox page used to avoid disturbing my first one, which has markup help I want to keep.
  • Templates 1 for investigating and collecting templates I've found helpful.
  • Templates 2 for developing new templates, often derived from existing ones.

Notes to self, to-do list, & etc.[edit]

  • Very prelim stuff re poss. compilation or summary article on alt. funding sources open to certain kinds of projects is currently in page history for Workinprogress3 page. When you can find the time, it'd be worth investigating whether there's the need that my first-impression tells me there is for such an article, i.e. for a superordinate or "parent"/orienting article to briefly summarize the existing diversity of articles loosely comprised by the topic.
  • Document very helpful templates used (e.g.) in this diff for repeated citations to same source, page numbers, & etc.
  • Supplement only-regionally-available google books link in same article with additional alternative link(s), if possible.