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Short-fingered vulgarian.

My Top Ten list of films involving Sharks[edit]

1. Sharktopus - Eric (brother of Julia) Robert's finest work.
2. Shark in Venice - A BaldWINNER.
3. Sharknado - Silly fun.
4. Shark Attack 3 - Starring John "What do you say I take you home and eat your pussy?" Barrowman
5. Jaws 4 - "The audience hated the first ending, lets just splice in the shark exploding from the first film and hope no one notices!"
6. Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus - For when you really need to see a shark biting a jumbo jet out of mid-air.
7. Ghost Shark - "I can appear from any body of water, even your drinking glass!"
8. Deep Blue Sea - Genetically engineered, backwards-swimming Makos. Also a wise-cracking parrot with LL Cool J as a sidekick.
9. Sharkenstein - No comment
10. 2-Headed Shark Attack - Does what it says on the tin.