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Hi! I'm Pppery, and I go around Wikipedia doing things that readers don't care about at all, like:

  1. TfD modules that are unused, redundant to other modules, or could be implemented in Wikitext
  2. Ensure that all TfDed templates have the proper TfD tag.
  3. Request the the protection level of large groups of pages be changed
  4. Insist that <onlyinclude>...</onlyinclude> tags are deprecated in favor of labelled section transclusion
  5. Code templates (often as a result of bullet point 1) and modules (often for the purpose of replacing existing bots)
  6. Express my deletionism:
  7. Ensure that modules have the same name as the template they implement
  8. Perform other miscellanious gnoming, primarily in the template and module namespaces
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