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He is a huge fan of Star Wars(and is on the side of the Empire/Imperials and Palpatine is his favorite character), Anime, The Ramones,Iron Maiden, Blue Öyster Cult, and Depeche Mode. He enjoys reading the articles in his spare time, and edits some once in awhile while reading.

Trivia Sections[edit]

My "specialty" is deleting "Trivia Sections" and integrating the useful trivia into the article. I do this by placing the "trivia" info into useful already existant sections, or by creating sections that are useful and placing some "trivia" there. Doing this lets the people who like trivia, get their important info kept on the page, and the people who dislike trivia sections (sense they are discouraged by wikipedia) sense there is no longer a "Trivia Section", also become sastified. This way everyone is happy. ^.^ I like it when everyone is happy.

Current Projects (Articles)[edit]

These are the artciles I am trying to help out. (I am working on them). I also randomly read and edit other artciles that I feel need a little edit here and there.

Case Closed Artciles[edit]

Case Closed Characters

Lists I am working on[edit]

Articles Created[edit]


  • None at the moment