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In case you were wondering where my screen name came from - that's a Prince Gloria

You are more likely to find me at Wikipedia's sister project, Wikivoyage those days.

My contributions[edit]

If I am editing Wikipedia, I found myself recently more into editing articles on the places I like, like Flevoland in the Netherlands, rather than cars.

Not to boast, but to give you an idea about my interests within Wikipedia:


Other Japanese cars

Other cars

GA History[edit]

I used to be a more-or-less active participant of WikiProject Good Articles - I occasionally nominated and reviewed articles, as well as took part in Good Article Reassessment.

GA nominations[edit]

GA reviews[edit]

I tended to review clear-cut cases, hence my low pass rate - it's easier to spot an openly bad candidate rather than an instantly stellar one...

Examples of articles I despise[edit]