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Articles I created[edit]

Libertas Americana~Shabbat siren~2019 Queens subway shooting~Yeshiva of Cleveland

To do[edit]

  1. Add mention of Rashi to Old French due to numerous mentions of French when explaining verses?
  2. Add more information to Yeshiva Tiferes Yisroel (ongoing)
  3. The Mishkan / Tabernacle (Kleinman Edition) is a great source for something. Not sure what yet. Perhaps, Tabernacle?
  4. Vastly improve articles on individual tractates in the Talmud. Start with Gittin (tractate) and use that as a place to test additions. Once conclusion is reached, modify other articles to be in line with Gittin.
  5. Write draft for Mission section of Israel Defense Forces and present to Sir Joseph, Bus stop, and Nableezy
  6. Update Mercaz HaTorah of Belle Harbor
  7. Use this reference on B-29: Gorman, Gerald S. (May 27, 1999). "Endgame in the Pacific: Complexity, Strategy and the B-29" (PDF). ARMY COMMAND AND GENERAL STAFF COLL FORT LEAVENWORTH KS SCHOOL OF ADVANCED MILITARY STUDIES. pp. 14–15. Retrieved February 17, 2019.
  8. Create Expand Yeshiva of Cleveland, alternate title Chofetz Chaim of Cleveland.
  9. Potential sources:
  10. Use as a source for Deer Park, Texas.




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