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What should the title of this article be?[edit]

rfc template goes here This article is about a group of islands whose ownership is disputed. The Chinese name for the islands is 钓鱼岛及其附属岛屿, which is transliterated in a variety of ways, in a variety of ways (mainly Diaoyu and Diaoyutai). The Japanese name for the islands is 尖閣諸島, which is transliterated as Senakaku (Senakaku Shotō, and rarely as Senkaku-guntō or Senkaku-rettō). English sources use a variety of names, though the most common are Senkaku Islands, Diayou Islands, or Diaoyutai Islands. The name Pinnacle Islands is also found in English literature, although far less frequently used than any of the previously mentioned names. The question is, per Wikipedia's guidelines and policies (relevant ones listed below), which of these names, if any, is the correct name for this and associated articles (Senkaku Islands dispute and 2010 Senkaku boat collision incident)? Previous discussions, which have included RfC's, discussions on noticeboards, formal mediation, and an arbitration proceedings, have failed to settle the issue, though most participants have argued for either "Senkaku Islands", "Diaoyutai Islands", "Pinnacle Islands", or a joint name like "Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands". The relevant policies are listed below; in addition, the two "sides" will present their arguments in favor of the current name or an alternative name.

Policies and guidelines[edit]

Arguments from involved editors[edit]

Arguments in favor of "Senkaku Islands"
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Arguments in favor of "Diaoyu" or "Diaoyutai Islands"
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Arguments in favor of a name other than "Senkaku Islands", "Diaoyu Islands", or "Diaoyutai Islands"
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Comments and discussion[edit]