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  • If I refer to you as Mssr. i.e. Mssr RTG, it should be considered to represent the word Messer, which, where I come from, is a gender neutral description of mischievous children, and/or outdoor playmates. In text based communication, I find it to be similar to both Mister/Monsieur and Miss/Missus. It is intended as a respectful notation and not a derogatory reference. For so many in this world of any backgrounds, a mere hint of immaturity or childishness is responded to as extreme and insulting. I cannot help with such a view in the extreme or pander to it, sincere apologies,

  • At an individual point in space and time, all becomes one with everything. The point is the difference.
  • Do not produce a universe within if motivated to improve and add to the one already there. You will long for this universe forever once it is done with you.
  • Know fear and never let it be your guide. But never part with it if you want to survive.
  • Try to follow the guides. Try to write the guides. Understand the guides better than your self.
  • Awesome sauce is: Awesome's awesome's awesome's awesome. The awesome sauce has been lost! Find it. Find a way.
  • There is no past or future. The ever changing is continually presented to you.

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