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by Lore Sjöberg
Lotus field in Hubei province, at the outskirts of Wuhan
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My work on Wikipedia[edit]

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Fun facts, and Wise words from wise wikipedians[edit]

There are approximately 37 users who joined Wikipedia on this day, 15 September, one or more years ago.
(this may be slightly out of date)
It's my belief that most productive Wikipedians first arrive at the site wanting to do something that is against WP policy -- advance a point of view, cover something that doesn't meet the notability guideline, etc. We also often bring baggage from other Internet sites where the social norms or policies permit different kinds of behavior -- social networking activity, attacks, canvassing, what have you.
None of this makes us bad people, just people who have not yet fully absorbed the Wikipedia ethos.


Good/featured content from DYK
Status Number of articles
Featured article 1,715
Featured list 660
Good article 5,704
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We draw pictures in the sand. Between waves, someone might read a well-written article and be moved.


Part of editing for an encyclopedia is reducing extraordinary claims to ordinary fact.


Americans aren't supposed to learn how the rest of the world does things, the rest of the world needs to learn how Americans do things. While we're at it, we should get rid of this Frenchy metric crap and restore intuitive Imperial units (US version, of course). And abolish those funky Arabic "ciphers" with their "zeros" for good ol' Roman numerals.


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