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This is a list of characters from the Nintendo 3DS game Fire Emblem Awakening.[1][2] It was released in 2012/2013, developed by Intelligent Systems,[3] and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS. It is the thirteenth game in the Fire Emblem series and the first one to be released on the 3DS. As a Tactical role-playing game, it includes a fairly large cast of playable characters for the player to use. The following is a list of all the playable characters (not including ones obtained through Downloadable content[4]) along with a brief summary of their personality and background. Also included is a list of the major NPCs and antagonists found in the game.

One of the major themes of this game is the friendship and romance that can develop between soldiers who spend a substantial amount of time fighting alongside one another. This is shown in the game through the use of "support conversations," which become accessible when a specific pair of units is paired up for a certain number of battles. There are three main ranks of conversation in the game: A, B, and C. There is also a fourth "level" of relationship that is only available to pairs of units who have opposite genders and who aren't directly related. Each character can only have one S-rank support with another character. When two characters achieve S-rank support, they are married. Marriage changes both characters' endings in the epilogue at the end of the game and they can produce a child, or in a few cases, two. Once these children grow up, they travel back in time from an apocalyptic future to help their parents fight as playable characters. They can be recruited in alternative side chapters that appear on the world map as soon as the parents achieve S-rank support, although the player may have to progress further in the game to gain access to the chapter. Each child character is linked to one specific parent character, usually the mother, and their father can vary depending on who the player used to marry the mother. Although the child's hair colour, available class sets, and other gameplay statistics vary depending on who their other parent is, their personality and physical appearance (excluding hair colour, which will match that of their other parent) will always remain the same. These children characters can also support and even marry amongst themselves, but it is important to note that doing so will not produce any other children (unless they are supported by the Avatar, resulting in Morgan being produced).

Listed alongside the playable characters are their starting classes, promotion options, and other potential class sets. Because of the fact the child characters' class sets change depending on who their variable fathers are, only their starting classes and those they obtain from their non-variable parent are listed.

Main Characters[edit]


Starting Class: Tactician

Promotion Options: Grandmaster

Alternative Classes: Depends on Gender

The Avatar is the player's character.[5] This unit's default name is Robin in English and Reflet (ルフレ, Rufure) in Japanese, but the player is able to edit the Avatar's name however they wish. They can also edit the Avatar's Asset and Flaw stats, which will impact his/her maximum stats and growth rates with each individual stat (for example, having a Magic asset will cause the Avatar's magic stat to grow faster). The Avatar's gender has little impact on the story, but different support conversations can be presented to the player. One example is Lon'qu, who suffers from gynophobia: a female Avatar will be forced to pelt him with figs in order to train with him, but a male Avatar would have no such problems. As far as personality is concerned, no matter the individual appearance of the Avatar, he/she is portrayed as a friendly, likeable person who nonetheless has a real gift for battle strategy.[6] He/she also has a severe case of amnesia: he/she is unable to recall the past with any clarity.[7] The Avatar is also the father/mother of Morgan.

The Avatar eventually comes face to face with his/her future self, who has been consumed by Grima; the fell dragon having left only his heart and the Avatar's body intact. The present-day Avatar refuses the life force in the Dragon's Table, but his/her future self takes it instead, awakening the present Grima. After this, the Avatar becomes determined to stop Grima at any cost, even offering to strike down Grima for Chrom so future generations would not have to suffer the Fell Dragon. The male avatar can be voiced by Brandon Karrer, Christopher Corey Smith, or David Vincent. The female avatar can be voiced by Wendee Lee or Michelle Ruff in English.

The Avatar also appears as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, referred to as Robin in the English version and Rufure (ルフレ) in the Japanese version. Both the male and female variants are playable. The male avatar is voiced by David Vincent and the female avatar is voiced by Lauren Landa.


Starting Class: Lord

Promotion Options: Great Lord

Alternative Classes: Cavalier, Archer

Chrom (クロム, Kuromu) is the prince of Ylisse, the southeastern kingdom of the continent; and the leader of the Shepherds, his personal militia.[5][8] He tends to be a demanding leader, but is otherwise just and fair, even though he can be impulsive and stubborn at times. According to some of Lissa's Barracks conversations, he often breaks thing when he trains, including a hole in the palace wall at Ylisstol. He can marry a female Avatar, Sumia, Sully, Maribelle, Olivia, or a nameless maiden if any of the other options are dead, already married, or Chrom has not accumulated enough support points. No matter who Chrom actually marries, he will have a daughter named Lucina. Chrom is voiced by Tomokazu Sugita in Japanese and Matthew Mercer in English.

While Chrom is not a playable character in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, he is a part of Robin's Final Smash attack, where the two combine forces to launch a powerful joint attack.


Starting Class: Lord

Promotion Options: Great Lord

Alternative Classes: Cavalier, Archer

Lucina (ルキナ, Rukina) is Chrom's daughter, and the future princess of Ylisse. Although her present infant self is born during the two-year period of peace, her future self appears at the beginning of the game under the guise of Marth. She doesn't reveal her identity until Carrion Island, where she saves Chrom from a Risen assassin. She is haunted by her memories of Grima; she saw him once in her time, and he has appeared in her dreams ever since. Lucina is voiced by Yū Kobayashi in Japanese and Laura Bailey in English, though she is uncredited for this role. She also appears as an unlockable playable character in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

The First Generation[edit]


Starting Class: Cleric

Promotion Options: War Cleric, Sage

Alternative Classes: Pegasus Knight, Troubadour

Lissa, Liz (リズ, Rizu) in Japan, is Chrom's younger sister.[8] She is a bit of a tomboy who is eager to prove herself on the battlefield; but when not partaking in a battle, she acts a lot like a typical princess, being scared of bugs and many other things. She is actually quite approachable in spite of this and not much of a snob. She is good friends with Maribelle, a fellow Shepherd, and she can marry almost any male unit in the first generation. Lissa is the mother of Owain. Lissa is voiced by Kate Higgins.


Starting Class: Great Knight

Alternative Classes: Cavalier, Knight, Wyvern Rider

Frederick (フレデリク, Furederiku, "Frederik" in Japan) is Chrom's second-in-command of the Shepherds. Also known as "Frederick the Wary", he remains suspicious of the Avatar the longest since their initial meeting.[9][8][10] He is even more demanding than Chrom: he demands great effort from everyone else and himself and seems to grin during these exercises. He is aligned with the Jagen archetype: before him, characters aligned with this archetype started out as paladins, making Frederick somewhat unique in this regard, as he is a Great Knight instead. Frederick is voiced by Daisuke Ono in Japanese and by Kyle Hebert in English.


Starting Class: Cavalier

Promotion Options: Paladin, Great Knight

Sully, Soiree (ソワレ, Soware) in Japan, is a rather foul-mouthed horsewoman in the Shepherds' ranks. Her fiery temperament and manner of speech tend to overwhelm people around her. There is a recurring gag in which she is a lousy cook. Despite this, she does show a feminine side from time to time, and can marry any first generation man except Basilio. In the future, she is the mother of Kjelle. Sully is voiced by Amanda C. Miller.


Starting Class: Archer

Promotion Options: Sniper, Bow Knight

Virion, Viaur (ヴィオール, Viōru) in Japan, is a nobleman from Rosanne, a province on the Valm continent. He tends to brag a lot, and is quick to propose to women, which lead to others seeing him as shallow, but some of his boasts are surprisingly well-founded. He speaks with a grandiose, Shakespearean eloquence, describing himself as the "Archest of Archers"; his joining the Shepherds introduces bow combat. Virion is voiced by Dan Woren.


Starting Class: Cavalier

Promotion Options: Paladin, Great Knight

Stahl, Sort (ソール, Sōru) in Japan, is a cavalier who has been employed by Chrom and is one of the finest Shepherds. He is a kind young man with a large range of talents, but he is often a beat behind the others. Cursed with an eternal cowlick and large appetite, Stahl is considered strange for how 'normal' a person he tends to be. He and Sully fit a recurring trend in Fire Emblem of red and green cavalry units who are partners, a trend noted by them during their supports. Stahl is voiced by Sam Riegel.


Starting Class: Fighter

Promotion Options: Hero, Warrior

Vaike (ヴェイク, Veiku, also "Wyck" in Japan) is a long-standing member of the Shepherds. According to one of his and Lissa's support conversations, he had been raised on the streets of Ylisstol, and is therefore a commoner. He is a talented axefighter, but he has a loud and obnoxious attitude which does not fit his actual skill level, and he is often misplacing his weapon. He reverently refers to himself as "The Vaike" and believes himself to be a teacher to the other Shepherds. He is voiced by Michael Sorich.


Starting Class: Mage

Promotion Options: Sage, Dark Knight

Miriel (ミリエル, Mirieru, also "Myriel" in Japan) is a longstanding member of the Shepherds with high standards: this is something that is on show when she returns Vaike's axe to him. She is also an avid scientist and book reader who is always observing even the smallest phenomena. Miriel almost exclusively speaks using the longest and most obscure words or terms to describe a given subject, often confusing those who attempt to converse with her. In the future, she is the mother of Laurent. Although she is a Mage by default, she is aligned with the Ogma archetype. Miriel is voiced by Tara Platt.


Starting Class: Pegasus Knight

Promotion Options: Falcon Knight, Dark Flier

Sumia (スミア, also "Sumia" in Japan) is a hard-working, but very clumsy, Shepherd. She can be quite scatterbrained, as is indicated by her and Frederick's support conversations. She sometimes sticks her nose into someone else's business, but mainly this is because she is worried about someone. She is good with animals: she is able to tame a seemingly crazed pegasus, dress up her wounds and still have time to save Chrom from a Feroxi attack. She does not have a wide range of suitors: she can marry a male Avatar, Chrom, Frederick, Gaius, or Henry. She is the mother of Cynthia. Sumia is voiced by Ayano Yamamoto in Japanese and by Danielle Judovitz in English, but she is uncredited for this role.


Starting Class: Knight

Promotion Options: General, Great Knight

Kellam, Callum (カラム, Karamu) in Japan, is a member of the Shepherds whom everyone seems to ignore, likely due to his quietness. This laconic nature makes him a foil to Vaike, who often drowns out his minute presence entirely. When anyone does finally see him, they often react in surprise. Contrarily, Kellam is the largest Shepherd, towering over the others and clad in excessively bulky armor. In one of his support conversations with Miriel, she hypothesizes that this is because he has retreated from people's minds more than their sight. He is voiced by Orion Acaba.


Starting Class: Villager

Alternative Classes: Mercenary, Fighter

Donnel, Donis (ドニ, Doni) in Japan, is an ordinary commoner living in southeastern Ylisse. He is a skilled trapper, has a consummate knowledge of farming, and speaks with a stereotypical southern American accent. Donnel is initially an ordinary farm villager, but he joins the Shepherds in order to hone his fighting skills and protect his friends and family. He has a great aptitude for learning. Donnel is voiced by Sam Riegel.


Starting Class: Myrmidon

Promotion Options: Swordmaster, Assassin

Lon'qu (ロンクー, Ronkū) is a swordfighter from Regna Ferox. He is Basilio's tournament champion with an air of aloofness about him. However, he is very shy around women and tends to clam up around them. While he is to be Chrom's opposition in a Feroxi tournament made to determine the ruler of Regna Ferox, he is defeated by Marth (Lucina in disguise) before it begins. If he supports with Cherche, it is revealed that his aversion to women was caused by his inability to protect a young female friend of his from a bandit attack. In his ending, he becomes Basilio's right-hand man. He is voiced by Travis Willingham.


Starting Class: Mage

Promotion Options: Sage, Dark Knight

Ricken, Licht (リヒト, Rihito) in Japan, is an aspiring Shepherd who is like a younger brother to the other Shepherds. He tends to act childishly, especially when others talk down to him. He seems to be popular with forest animals, and is dedicated to studying magic, though he does wish to be taller. He is descended from Ylissean nobility, but his family has hit hard times lately. Despite his apparent youth, he is still able to wed most of the first-generation women. He is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal.


Starting Class: Troubadour

Promotion Options: Valkyrie, War Cleric

Maribelle, Mariabell (マリアベル, Mariaberu) in Japan, is an uppity young noblewoman, another member of the Shepherds, and Lissa's best friend. She talks bluntly to strangers, especially commoners, which reveals her stiff pride, but at the same time hides her kind heart. She tends to warm to people rather quickly: in the player's first meeting with her, Sumia tells the Avatar he/she should give her time to know him/her and not take her blunt comments to heart because of this. Her father is a Ylissean magistrate, and she aspires to the same profession. Maribelle is voiced by Melissa Fahn.


Starting Class: Thief

Promotion Options: Assassin, Trickster

Gaius, Guire (ガイア, Gaia) in Japan, is a capable young Ylissean thief with a great deal of thieving skill. However, he does have one weakness, his sweet tooth[disambiguation needed]: his Barracks Roster entry states that he has fifty so-called emergency snacks in his cloak. He tends to refer to his fellow Shepherds by nicknames such as Blue for Chrom or Stumbles for Sumia. He first appears during the Plegians' attempt at assassinating Emmeryn: as he only joined under the pretense of looting a vault, Gaius is dismayed by the assassins' true intentions. In his recruitment conversation - in the middle of the battle - Chrom accidentally drops some sweets he got from Lissa, and Gaius joins the Shepherds upon seeing them. He is voiced by Gideon Emery.


Starting Class: Taguel

Alternative Classes: Wyvern Rider, Thief

Panne, Velvet (ベルベット, Berubetto) in Japan, is one of the Taguel, a race much like the manakete but are able to transform into beasts rather than dragons. She is a calm and sensible person, but does not seem interested in marrying and having children. She has a grudge against humans because they were responsible for the slaghter of most of her race. Despite this, she can marry any of the men in the first generation (except Chrom or Basilio); in each support conversation, she gradually warms to the man in question. She is voiced by Jessica Gee.


Starting Class: Trickster

Alternative Classes: Thief, Archer, Mage

Anna (アンナ) is a merchant who travels the world. She has many identical sisters and a deep love of money, and tends to use trade lingo all the time, even in combat. Strangely, the Anna who appears in the second side story and the one who appears in the fourth side story are different characters, even though they have the same combat abilities and appearance. This is the first time in the Fire Emblem series that an Anna character is playable, as the Anna from Paralogue 4 is the one that joins the Shepherds.[11] Anna is voiced by Karen Strassman.


Starting Class: Pegasus Knight

Promotion Options: Falcon Knight, Dark Flier

Cordelia, Tiamo (ティアモ) in Japan, is a gifted young pegasus knight serving under Phila, the pegasus knight captain. She has a big crush on Chrom, but he has not noticed, and they are incapable of marrying. Also, she does not seem to have noticed that there is a rather large number of men whose hearts she can win: the list is as expansive as Panne's, however she will still yearn for Chrom after marriage. In her early days as a pegasus knight, she was teased by her comrades. However, their deaths, which she witnessed when they ordered her to flee from Plegian invaders, have dampened her spirits. Despite her talents, she is somewhat modest, even becoming angered at repeated compliments. Cordelia was voiced by Julie Ann Taylor.


Starting Class: Mercenary

Promotion Options: Hero, Bow Knight

Gregor, Grego (グレゴ, Gurego) in Japan, is a large-hearted sell sword whose origins are obscure. Despite his likeable and rather innocent personality, his face frightens some people, including Nowi, who he is protecting when the player's army encounters him. The player can piece together his past by starting support conversations between him and some of the other characters, for example, giving him supports with Tharja reveal that Gregor is not his original name: he merely took on his brother's name when he was killed by bandits as a tribute to him. He speaks with an accent and mannerisms reminiscent of a Russian immigrant speaking broken English. He is voiced by Paul St. Peter.


Starting Class: Manakete

Alternative Classes: Wyvern Rider, Mage

Nowi, Nono (ノノ) in Japan, is one of the few surviving manaketes. She acts in a very childlike manner and looks quite young, but she is actually over one thousand years old. She had been sold to a circus, who had her take on dragon form and perform tricks in front of a crowd (this story infuriates Lissa). In most of her support conversations, her partner forgets her age for her appearance, and she pleads her fiancee to try and outlive her. Nowi is voiced by Hunter McKenzie Austin in the English dub.


Starting Class: War Monk

Alternative Classes: Priest, Mage, Dark Mage

Libra, Riviera (リベラ, Ribera) in Japan, is a devout Ylissean priest who worships Naga. He is generally a patient and understanding man, but he is often mistaken for a woman, which can irritate him. This could be due to his physical features, as he looks rather effeminate; his voice does not have an especially masculine tone either. He seems to have a tendency to be caught up in small details. Libra is voiced by Cindy Robinson.


Starting Class: Dark Mage

Promotion Options: Sorcerer, Dark Knight

Tharja, Sallya (サーリャ, Sārya) in Japan, is a Plegian witch born in a long line of magicians. She is mostly devoted to studying curses and other forms of dark magic, but she has an unhealthy interest in the Avatar, which disturbs him/her at times. Sometimes, she can be so wrapped up in her curses and potions that she is oblivious to what is happening around her, as evidenced if the player chooses to marry her and Vaike. Despite this, she is intensely loyal to her friends and will stay with them to the end. Tharja is voiced by Stephanie Sheh.


Starting Class: Dancer

Alternative Classes: Myrmidon

Olivia, Olivie (オリヴィエ, Orivie) in Japan, is a Feroxi dancer who has traveled the world. She is a demure and overly modest young woman, sometimes taking compliments from Basilio and others the wrong way. She does suffer from stage fright at times. Chrom's elder sister, Emmeryn, had been kind to her in the past. Despite her own fears, Olivia wishes to build and open a dance theater after the war. She is voiced by Karen Strassman.


Starting Class: Wyvern Rider

Promotion Options: Wyvern Lord, Griffon Rider

Cherche, Serge (セルジュ, Seruju) in Japan, is a Valmese wyvern rider in the service of House Virion, in the kingdom of Rosanne. She is a skilled cook and can sew well, but she seems to adore her wyvern, Minerva, the most. She has a tendency to more accurately rephrase her master Virion's loquacious claims, much to his dismay. She is voiced by Amanda Celine Miller.


Starting Class: Dark Mage

Promotion Options: Sorcerer, Dark Knight

Henry (ヘンリー, Henrī, also "Henri" in Japan) is a student of magic from Plegia. He is uncompromisingly optimistic, has a fondness for comedy and jokes around a lot, but he is undeniably bloodthirsty. In his and Panne's first support conversation, it is revealed that he directed her to Ylisstol when Validar launched his attack on the Ylissean royal palace. He can marry any female unit from the first generation except Anna, Flavia, Say'ri or Tiki. In his ending, he makes a clean break with history and never "stains" its pages again, but if he marries, he instead settles down with his wife and surprises everyone with his parenting abilities. Henry is voiced by Bryce Papenbrook.


Starting Class: Swordmaster

Alternative Classes: Myrmidon, Pegasus Knight, Wyvern Rider

Say'ri (サイリ, Sairi) is a noblewoman from the Chon'sin kingdom of Valm. In the wake of Walhart's ambition, she has organized a resistance against him, but has had little luck in uniting them. In her ending, she works on restoring Chon'sin to its former glory, often visiting her brother's grave. She is voiced by Stacy Okada.


Starting Class: Manakete

Alternative Classes: Wyvern Rider, Mage

As it happens, this is the same Tiki (チキ, Chiki) who appeared in past Fire Emblem titles, she has merely grown older. As a Manakete, she still resembles a young woman. She also has memories of Marth from a long time ago, and seems more mature even though her childlike side has not disappeared after over a thousand years. The people of Valm venerate her as the voice of Naga. She is first encountered during the main story, where she tells Chrom's party about the five Gemstones and gives them the Azure stone. After Yen'fay is defeated, she can be recruited in paralogue 17: "The Threat of Silence". She is voiced by Mela Lee.


Starting Class: Hero

Flavia (フラヴィア, Furavia) is the East Khan of Regna Ferox. She calls Basilio "oaf" a lot, but she is good friends with him in addition to being a fierce rival of his. She does not have a liking for formalities. In true Feroxi fashion, she values strength over words, and as such deeply respects Chrom despite his manner in her presence. She is voiced by Tara Platt.


Starting Class: Warrior

Basilio (バジーリオ, Bajīrio) is the West Khan of Regna Ferox. A bald man who is blind in one eye, he is described in his Barracks Roster entry as a father figure for the Shepherds. He died in Central Valm in Lucina's timeline, but in the main one he somehow manages to survive, and shows how capable he is by laying low and then helping the Avatar deceive Validar. Basiliio was voiced by Patrick Seitz.

The Second Generation[edit]


Starting Class: Varies

Morgan, Marc (マーク, Māku) in Japan is the Avatar's child. This unit can be male or female, depending on the Avatar's gender, and that his/her starting class is the same as his/her second parent, though s/he will not inherit certain classes such as Lord. A female Morgan will be produced if a male Avatar is married and vice versa. Also, a female Morgan could end up having any second generation character (other than Lucina) as a sibling, producing a different set of support conversations. A male Morgan could potentially be Lucina's brother, depending on whether or not the player chooses to marry Chrom to a female Avatar. A male Morgan is voiced by Todd Haberkorn, and a female Morgan is voiced by Nicole Karrer.


Starting Class: Knight

Kjelle, Degel (デジェル, Dejeru) in Japan, is Sully's daughter. She is a model of chivalry, but is careless about who she challenges to a duel. She believes it's the duty of the strong to protect the weak. She could potentially be Lucina's sister, depending on whether or not the player chooses to marry Chrom and Sully. She is voiced by Stephanie Sheh.


Starting Class: Pegasus Knight

Cynthia (シンシア, Shinshia) is Sumia's daughter. She apsires to be a hero, but is more a source of comic relief as she is quite close to her mother in terms of personality. She could potentially be Lucina's sister, depending on whether or not the player chooses to marry Chrom and Sumia. She is voiced by Ayano Yamamoto in Japanese and by Stacy Okada in English.


Starting Class: Priest

Brady (ブレディ, Buredi) is Maribelle's son. He is just as sharp tongued as his mother, but seems to have a more foul mouthed manner of speech. Despite this, he can be very emotional. He has dreams of becoming a violinist one day. He could potentially be Lucina's brother, depending on whether or not the player chooses to marry Chrom and Maribelle. He is voiced by Travis Willingham.


Starting Class: Mercenary

Inigo, Azur (アズール, Azūru) in Japan, is Olivia's son. He is a womanizer, but his flirting is often seen as shallow, so girls do not often fall for it. He is also quite terrified of Noire, especially when she assumes her other, more frightening, personality. He secretly dreams of being a dancer: it is said that his mother only got around to teaching him half of a routine she had perfected. He is voiced by Liam O'Brien.


Starting Class: Archer

Noire (ノワール, Nowāru) is Tharja's daughter. She is a coward and pessimist of the highest degree, due to her being used as a guinea pig often by her mother in her curse research, but she also has a rather vicious second personality which takes many people aback, including Chrom or a female Morgan. Noire was voiced by Michelle Ruff.


Starting Class: Taguel

Yarne, Chambray (シャンブレー, Shanburē) in Japan, is Panne's son. According to a conversation with his mother, he is the first human-taguel hybrid to be born. Despite this, his mother in the future died, leaving him the last to carry taguel blood. To this end, he is quite a timid youth, though he does care about his friends. He is voiced by Christopher Corey Smith.


Starting Class: Mercenary

Severa, Serena (セレナ) in Japan, is Cordelia's daughter. She is a young woman with a very bad attitude and low self-esteem which seems to stem from the death of her mother in the future. She is also a very wasteful shopper, which is a cause for frustration. Severa was voiced by Julie Ann Taylor.


Starting Class: Myrmidon

Owain, Eudes (ウード, Ūdo) is Lissa's son, making him Lucina's cousin and Chrom's nephew. He is quite a theatrical young man, giving strange names to his weapons and moves (which double as references to past Fire Emblem games). He gives an impression of having a carefree personality, but he is haunted by the memory of seeing his father slain by a Risen attack he did not anticipate. He is voiced by Kaiji Tang in the Japanese version.


Starting Class: Mage

Laurent (ロラン, Roran) is Miriel's son. He has an impressive attention to detail and aspires to his mother's intellectual standards, but seems to be more imaginative and empathic than she is. Some people take advantage of him because of this. Laurent was voiced by Paul St. Peter.


Starting Class: Wyvern Rider

Gerome (ジェローム, Jerōmu) is Cherche's son. He acts cold and distant, even wearing a mask to emphasize the point. He had borne witness to his parents' deaths and wyverns have become an endangered species in the future, which would explain some parts of his attitude, but he does wish to see his parents again. Gerome was voiced by Orion Acaba.


Starting Class: Manakete

Nah, Nn (ンン) in Japan, is Nowi's daughter. According to Tiki, she is the first ever human-manakete hybrid. Unlike her mother, she is quite mature, even about her strange name. She is dedicated to studying her manakete blood, but even so, her mother worries that she has grown up too quickly. She is voiced by Danielle Judovits.



Class: Trickster

Gangrel (ギャンレル, Gyanreru) is the king of Plegia. "Mad King" Gangrel is the initial antagonist of Fire Emblem Awakening. He attempts to rule over Archanea. It is later revealed that he wanted to unite the kingdoms throughout Archanea to stand against the conqueror of Valm, but he lost himself to the thrill of carnage. He is apparently slain by Chrom, but in a bonus chapter, Gangrel is revealed to have survived his defeat and is now scraping by as a pirate with a death wish. He is convinced by Chrom to join the fight against Grima. He is voiced by Anthony Jenkins.


Class: Dark Flier

Aversa, Inverse (インバース, Inbāsu) in Japan, is the assistant to the king of Plegia. She is the adoptive sister of the Avatar. She appears to serve Gangrel, but her true loyalty is to Validar. She is apparently killed stalling for time for the Fell Dragon, Grima, but in a bonus chapter she reappears in the Wellspring of Truth seeking the truth about herself. She discovers that Validar killed her family, erased her memories, and brainwashed her into serving him. Horrified, she joins Chrom and company. She is voiced by Cindy Robinson.


Class: Sorcerer

Validar, Fauder (ファウダー, Faudā) in Japan, is the Avatar's father. Unfortunately, he is not interested in the Avatar as a person: he only sees him/her as a host body for Grima's spirit to inhabit. This would imply that he is singularly obsessed with awakening Grima using any means necessary. In the main timeline, he is tricked by the Avatar and Basilio, who has managed to survive despite the odds. He is eventually defeated by Chrom and the Avatar after the latter is able to avoid possession by Grima, and dies in a pitiful manner. He is voiced by Kyle Hebert.


Class: Swordmaster

Yen'fay (レンハ, Renha) is Say'ri's brother and one of the generals during the Valmese arc of the story. After defeating him, it is revealed that Yen'fay was controlled by Excellus, the tactician of Valm and he blackmailed Yen'fay so he could destroy Chon'sin's princess and Yen'fay's sister, Say'ri. In Paralogue 21, "Ghost of a Blade", another Yen'fay—claiming to be from a third timeline different from the current and Lucina's timeline—appears in a tomb for legendary swordsmen. If talked to by Say'ri, he will remain an ally, but will join the party after the tomb is cleared of Risen. Yen'fay is voiced by Kirk Thornton.


Class: Conqueror

Walhart, Valhart (ヴァルハルト, Varuharuto) in Japan, is the strong, menacing emperor of Valm who wishes to conquer all lands. Chrom and company catch wind of his conquering when Khan Flavia requests his presence. With Ylisse, Regna Ferox, and Plegia working together to invade Valm before it reaches Archanea, they manage to take down the emperor and end his reign. In a late-game bonus chapter, Walhart returns, seemingly commanding the Risen that Lucina claims to be at a level of power on par with the ones from her time. He claims that his heart beats no more and he is just an empty husk. If Chrom is to fight Walhart during this paralogue, the player may recruit him. Walhart is voiced by Richard Epcar.


Class: Fell Dragon

Grima, Gimlé (ギムレー, Gimurē) in Japan, is an ancient being who attempted to destroy the human race a millennium ago, but was stopped by Ylisse's first exalt. Unfortunately, in Lucina's future, he is awakened and goes on to annihilate the human race, leaving very few survivors. The Avatar is intended to be the host body for his soul, and in Lucina's timeline, he had devoured the Avatar that his/her friends had known, replacing him/her with a malevolent, arrogant personality modeled after his own. It seems he has dabbled in necromancy and developed a god complex as a consequence: the Risen are in fact his foot soldiers, resurrected to serve him in his ambition.

Other characters[edit]


Starting Class: Sage

Emmeryn is the exalt of Ylisse, and older sister of Chrom and Lissa.[10] She is kind, benevolent, and seeks to inspire her people to a peaceful behavior and atone for the suffering caused by her father. She is taken hostage by the Plegian king, Gangrel, in an attempt to spark a war between Ylisse and Plegia. When Chrom attempts to hand over the Fire Emblem to save her, Emmeryn stops him. She instead gives a speech and subsequently jumps to her presumed death. Her acts of martyrdom eventually lead most of the Plegian army to stop fighting, allowing Chrom and the Shepherds to defeat Gangrel and end the war.[citation needed]

In a bonus chapter at the end of the game, the Shepherds discover Emmeryn on an island, who survived her fall albeit with severe brain damage. As a result, Emmeryn now has a fractured speech pattern and serious amnesia, much to Chrom and the others' anguish. However, she does retain her kind personality.[citation needed] If the player can complete the chapter while keeping Emmeryn alive, she will join the Shepherds as a playable character. Emmeryn is voiced by Erin Fitzgerald.


Starting Class: Hero

Priam is a radiant hero and the descendant of the hero Ike, the main protagonist of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. He is recruited in a bonus chapter at the end of the game, where he demands that Chrom's army defeat his own before he will join him. Priam values strength above all else, and constantly trains himself to become a more powerful warrior. He is voiced by Jamieson Price.


Phila is the head of the Ylissean pegasus knights, and is in charge of protecting the exalt.[10] She trained both Sumia and Cordelia. Phila prioritizes the exalt's safety, especially when Emmeryn's decided course of action puts herself at risk.[citation needed]

During the failed attempt to rescue Emmeryn, Phila arrives to reach her. Unfortunately, Aversa summons a horde of Risen. A Risen archer shoots Phila and two of her knights out of the sky, killing them and foiling the rescue.[citation needed]


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