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SatyrBot is a bot created in PHP. It is run by me, SatyrTN, to help correct some common errors and generally help organize articles for various WikiProjects.

This bot runs in two modes. For some projects, the Bot identifies possible errors, and then I approve or discard each one.

For other projects, I set up a set of parameters and let the bot run in auto mode. Work done in this mode is usually described on the current project page. If the bot has made a mistake, or if there are any problems, leave a message on User talk:SatyrBot or User talk:SatyrTN.

WikiProject Services[edit]

SatyrBot has a number of scripts that it runs on a nightly basis. These include processing new articles for WikiProjects and reviewing articles to compile a "task list" for WikiProjects. Find out more about these processes at User:SatyrBot/WikiProject Services.

Tasks in Progress[edit]

See Current project for info on fully-automatic processes that may be currently running

Previous Tasks[edit]

Possible or Future Tasks[edit]

  • None currently.

If I may suggest a couple:

  • When an article within the purview of a WikiProject (as indicated by the presence of a WikiProject template on the article talk page) is involved in a proposed merger (has a merger template on the article page), notify that WikiProject.
  • Automated assessment of stubs - if an article has a stub template, assess the article (in the WikiProject template on the article talk page) as being of stub class. -- John Broughton (♫♫) 18:23, 30 November 2007 (UTC)