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This Wikipedian was born on 6 March 1971 and is 48 years, 6 months, and 9 days old.

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Simon Christopher Jessey (born 6 March 1971) is a British former video editor, web designer and college instructor, currently living in Sadsburyville, Pennsylvania.


I was born in Rochford, Essex and spent most of my childhood in Ashtead, Surrey. Between 1988 and 2001, I worked as a videotape editor for a Wandsworth-based corporate video production company. Following an internet romance, I met and married an American web developer. I have been a part-time college instructor, web designer and something of a web standards evangelist. I volunteer my time at my local municipality.

Politics and religion

I am socially progressive, but fiscally somewhat conservative. From the liberal perspective I am pro-choice (although I'd rather see abortion avoided, of course), a secularist, and I believe strongly in free speech; however, I advocate minimizing the tax burden and reducing state intervention. Although I am generally in favor of small government, I believe there are some social support structures that are absolutely necessary and must not be compromised for the sake of low taxes (health care, education, social security, etc.). I would like to see a single-payer healthcare system in America. I dislike government corruption, lobbying and any kind of pork barrel politics. Most people would categorize me as an atheist because as I regard the concept of a god or gods to be ridiculous. I think that religion (particularly "organized" religion) does more harm than good, and should be actively discouraged.

On Wikipedia and Bias

Yes, I am biased. I have an opinion on a great many things, even stuff I don't know much about. Mostly, I express my opinion on Twitter, or on my blog (example). Often, I let my biases spill forth on the odd article talk page. But when I'm editing Wikipedia articles, I stick rigidly to the policies and guidelines of the project.

Getting around

Countries lived in (2)
England, The United States of America
Places lived in (8)
Ashtead, Earlsfield, Fetcham, Malvern, Sadsburyville, South Benfleet, Swarthmore, Tooting
Countries visited (13)
Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, England, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Scotland, Spain, United States of America, Wales
U.S. States visited (15½)
Connecticut, Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia, Tennessee, Washington, D.C. (the ½), West Virginia
Aircraft ridden (8)
Airbus A330, Bell 206L, Boeing 737, Boeing 747, Boeing 767, Boeing 777, Boeing 787 Dreamliner, de Havilland Dragon Rapide (G-AKIF)[2], Eurocopter AS355
Vehicles owned (6)
Chrysler Sebring Convertible (2001), Ford Edge (2008), Ford Escape (2018), Ford Focus (2002), Ford Sierra (1988), Kawasaki KMX 125 (1990)

Planes spotted from my backyard

Since 2012, my proximity to Chester County G. O. Carlson Airport has given me the opportunity to see a number of interesting aircraft.



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