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Chinese brassicas[edit]

[1] [2]

Plant Species Variety English-ish Name Chinese Description Portion
Brassica juncea megarrhiza 大頭菜 Swollen turnip-like root Root
tumida Zha cai 榨菜 Swollen irregularly knobbed stem Stem
multiceps 雪裡紅 Frilly multi-tillering leaves Leaves
foliosa 大叶芥 Round leaves with long petiole Leaves
capitata 包心芥 Thick wide heading leaves Leaves
multisecta 花叶芥 Finely pedated thin leaves Leaves
crassicaulis 筍子芥 Tall thick stem Stem and leaves
rugosa 大叶芥 Large lyrate leaves with weak lobes Leaves
strumata 弥陀芥 Large lyrate leaves with awesome leaves Leaves
Brassica oleracea Kai-lan 芥蘭 Large leaves stirfried in restos.
Brassica rapa

A: B. juncea var. megarrhiza Tsen et Lee * B: B. juncea var. carassicaulis Chen et Yang* C: B. juncea var. gemmifera Lee et Li D: B. juncea var. tumida Tsen et Lee* E: B. juncea var. rugosa Bailey* F: B. juncea var. foliosa Bailey* G: B. juncea var. leucanthus Chen et Yang H: B. juncea var. multisecta Bailey* I: B. juncea var. longepetiolata Yang et Chen J: B. juncea var. linearifolia Sun K: B. juncea var. strumata Tsen et Lee* L: B. juncea var. latipa Li M: B. juncea var. involuta Yang et Chen N: B. juncea var. capitata Hort* O: B. juncea var. multiceps Tsen et Lee* P: B. juncea var. utilis Li.


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