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Some of my endorsements[edit]

  • "This person has been editing Seth Rich wiki as well as other conservative articles since campaigns began. The shills are real. Look at how disgusting this is."[13]
  • "works for CTR"[14][15][16], "confirmed CTR shill"[17]
  • "Wikipedia editor SnooganSnoogans has been changing the narrative on Seth Rich and conservative talking points since campaigns kicked off in 2015. This is 1984 and disgusting."[18]
  • "How is this guy still allowed to edit wikipedia?"[19]
  • "some random idiot"[20]
  • "That Wikipedia editor seems unhinged."[20]
  • "I looked through the editor's history. He's a propaganda artist."[20]
  • "What a creep"[20]
  • "Snooganssnoogans, who like 98% of all leftist cucks, is part of the Islamo-Leftism alliance... beta male cucked-ass SJW white [knight]"[21]
  • Brigitte Gabriel: "Anyone can say anything they want in Wikipedia. Never believe Wikipedia because it's a bunch of lies. We talked to them. We try to change the profile, they would go back immediately, some leftists, and they would change it to whatever they want."[22]
  • "Oh, I don't think that's your normal basement dwelling nerd virgin shill. Has to be someone high up in ShariaBlue."[23]
  • One of "Wiki's Jew Editors"[24]
  • "a dedicated Clinton spinner"[25]
  • "moron"[25]
  • "pansy lefty"[26]
  • Shaper of media narratives[27]
  • Squabbler over Brexit[28] and the NRA[29][30]
  • "You are incredibly bad at Wikipedia."[31]
  • I am a CNN producer?[32][33] I am Volunteer Marek?[34] I am a book reviewer for the Herald?[35] I am part of the "Kamala Harris campaign"?[36]
  • "bologna Bologna this is wrote by a Liberal."[37]
  • "pathetic little [creep]"[38]
  • "Some dumb ass"[39]
  • "Some shady guy"[39]
  • Part of "the left" which "has controlled wikipedia for a long time now"[39]
  • "He essentially removes anything from Wikipedia that doesn't agree with his liberal fantasy world."[40]
  • "up to shenanigans"[41]
  • "Asshat of The Day Award [31 July 2018] goes to Snooganssnoogans."[42]
  • a "fanatic", " far-left political [activist]" who "edits pages of conservative politicians pretty much 24/7 and never stops until the articles look like attack pages, using "Reliable Sources", such as Buzzfeed News and others."[43]
  • "[his] trick is that most of left-wing publications such as HuffPo, WaPo and even Buzzfeed News are considered reliable sources, while youtube channels or personal twitter feeds aren't."[43]
  • "full of shit"[44]
  • "Thank God he's not an admin."[45]
  • "I actually have looked at your edits - they're terrible"[46]
  • "left-wing anti-White racist activist [editor]"[47]
  • "Several people are pushing a false narrative of events surrounding Trump-Russia-Spygate.  These editors may even be paid to push propaganda, perhaps by foreign governments; something the FBI needs to investigate."[48]
  • "Working overtime to keep that propaganda churning!"[49]
  • "a shill" or "just a douchebag?"[50]
  • "generally working to ideologically shift Wikipedia toward a neoliberal-Democratic position"... part of "a clique of ideologically-motivated editors"[51]
  • "trying to politicize" things[52]
  • "This Wikihooligan works hard to suppress facts... one of many ways the Online Antifa is working to alter the truth to fit their political agenda"[53]
  • "an aggressive activist editor [who] should have no real home on Wikipedia, because they're helping to destroy faith in the project.."[54]
  • "I couldn’t imagine being such a loser that I would try to use Wikipedia to push my point of view, rather than edit it for neutrality. Here’s some advice snoogansnoogans: buy a thick rope, tie it in a hang man’s knot, put your neck inside the rope, tie the rope to the ceiling, and jump."[55]
  • Mark Levin: The "person assigned to [Mark Levin]"[56]
  • a " left wing queer" who goes "to bat for MS-13."[57]
  • a "lying far-left [propagandist]" who should be "gassed" and "purged"[58]
  • "corrupt"[59]
  • One of "the morons who edit this garbage site."[60]
  • "Snooganssnoogans is a propagandist cucklehead"[61]
  • "You're a communist/socialist who wants to ban those who disagree with your communist/socialist ideals, and who wants to promote a biased agenda."[62]


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