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My name is Sonnenalle, which translates to Sun Alley. I have a day job, I work for software company that provide travel agencies with an online solution too complicated and extensive logistics. This is not my passion and I am not here to create / edit pages on that subject. I have a BA Honors degree in Music Production, I specialised in field recording and song writing.

Transparency Post: I first joined wikipedia in order to update Soundwalk Collective's page. I have come under scrutiny of a COI. I would like to declare no personal or professional relationship with the Collective and it's founder Stephan Crasneanscki. I am a fan of their work and studied their work at university. In my research I learned wikipedia was not to up to date, I decided I should contribute. I am still learning the ropes of wikipedia and I plan to be a better editor in due corse. I appreciate that wikipedia has systems in place to counteract any COI's.