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In my salad days, when I was green in judgement:
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I am from Northern Ireland. My particular areas of interest are:

The Ulster Defence Regiment
  • British Military History
  • The Irish Regiments of the British Army
  • The Ulster Defence Regiment
  • The Police Forces of Ireland
  • Irish History

Sometimes the Irish articles are a difficult area to work in because of the emotions which go with them.
I try to be as neutral as I can but always welcome a steadying hand alongside me to correct me where I go wrong.

My current project is to update the Ulster Defence Regiment parent article and to present individual battalion histories from the List of battalions and locations of the Ulster Defence Regiment. Inline references often drag me away to something else where I think I can improve the information given and more often than not these articles relate to The Troubles.

I'm friendly and love to have calm discussion which leads to better understanding for anyone involved in the articles I edit so don't be shy about putting a message on my talk page or contacting me by e-mail at my Wikipedia e-mail address.

Thanks for dropping by and reading my page. SonofSetanta (talk) 14:07, 12 July 2013 (UTC)


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Yes, I'm disabled. I suffer from physical and mental disabilities. It sometimes makes life a little hard for me but editing here on Wikipedia gives me a great focus in life. Fortunately my intelligence isn't affected although some might disagree with that. I wasn't born this way. I picked up several injuries throughout a very active life and unfortunately the symptoms have now become very hard to manage. I get by though.

I've managed to bumble on here for around 5 years now and I've learned a lot. I guess the most important thing I've picked up though is the need for civility. As long as two or more editors are civil with each other then all other problems can be discussed and resolved. I can be a bit nippy if I'm having a bad day but I hope you'll see past that to the real me.


A Class Review[edit]

Wikipedia:WikiProject Military history/Assessment/Ulster Defence Regiment

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