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I'm StraussInTheHouse (talk · contribs · logs), formerly DrStrauss.

Note: I hold a legitimate alternative account, StraussOutOfTheHouse, authorised here. This is currently authorised for testing purposes on Test Wikipedia only and should not make any edits to the English Wikipedia except for the creation of its userpage to authenticate that I control it.


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Wikipedia activities[edit]

My main areas of activity are anti-vandalism, new page patrolling, closing move discussions, discussing deletions and clearing backlogs. Especially this one.

I sometimes assess pending changes, create articles, rename files, improve articles and do copyedits too.

I'm also active in the Wikipedia IRC channels.



Significantly expanded[edit]

Major copyedits[edit]

Photos I've taken[edit]


If you want to see the rest of my logs, use WMFLabs or Special:Log. If you want to see the logs for my old account, follow the links and plug DrStrauss into the username field.

How to decipher what I'm saying[edit]

Generally I avoid abbreviations on pages of any kind but I use them a lot in things like edit summaries and log entries. More Wikipedia jargon can be found here, but this is just the stuff I use.

Anti-vandalism and article work[edit]

  • rm or r/m: "removed".
  • rv or r/v: "reverted".
  • ce or c/e: "copy-edit".

Talk pages[edit]

  • cmt: "comment".
  • re: "reply".
  • s: "support".
  • o: "oppose".

Deletion discussions[edit]

  • d: "delete".
  • k: "keep".
  • sd: "speedy delete".
  • sk: "speedy keep".
  • r: "redirect".
  • m: "merge".


  • RM: "requested move".
  • m: "moved".
  • nm: "not moved".
  • nc: "no consensus".
  • pc: "procedural close".