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My primary interests are military aviation and naval history, but I also sneak around making insidious edits to any other topic I come across that needs a bit of improvement. Although I have created quite a few pages...and 60 userboxes.

I've had the honor of becoming an Administrator, effective as of February 23, 2011.

Some infoboxes about me are below...and you can find more about me here!


Works in Progress

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Missile and aircraft families

4 articles
B-Class article Weapons System 199
Bold Orion on trailer with B-47 launch aircraft in background.jpg
Good article Bold Orion
Good article High Virgo
B-Class article Alpha Draco
6 articles
B-Class article Project Gorgon
Gorgon IIA at the National Air and Space Museum.jpg
B-Class article Gorgon IIA
Redirect Gorgon IIB
B-Class article Gorgon IIC
B-Class article Gorgon IIIA
B-Class article Gorgon IIIB
Redirect Gorgon IIIC
B-Class article Gorgon IV
B-Class article Gorgon V
Redirect Pollux
4 articles
B-Class article Glomb
Pratt-Read LBE-1 Glomb.png
C-Class article Piper LBP
C-Class article Pratt-Read LBE
C-Class article Taylorcraft LBT
5 articles
B-Class article Project Kingfisher
P2V-6M Neptune with AUM-2-N Petrel missiles c1956.jpg
Redirect Kingfisher A
Redirect Kingfisher B
B-Class article Kingfisher C
B-Class article Kingfisher D
B-Class article Kingfisher E
B-Class article Kingfisher F


WP:MilHist To-Do

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