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I love this site and I still read it and refer to it a lot but as life has gone on, I just don't have the time to devote to editing and participating in the community as I used to, especially in 2007-2011. I'll be around occasionally, but it's become increasingly clear to me that I probably won't be able to be very involved in the future. I learned a lot here about how to come to an agreement with people who do not follow the same worldview as myself and I also honed my research and writing skills, which was and is a tremendous help in both college and as my career has progressed after I graduated. Below is my user page as it was when I was more active if you are interested. I wish you the best. Thingg 12:49, 17 November 2017 (UTC)

Hello and welcome to my user page. I was born and live in New York, United States and I received my B.Sc. in computer science from Binghamton University. My main areas of editing include articles related to science, technology, and electronics. When I'm not editing, I enjoy reading pages about history (especially military history), current and near-future technology, and articles related to a wide range of scientific topics. My areas of interest off-wiki include (among other things) programming, mathematics, and random science stuff. As to where I came up with my username: long, boring story...

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