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WP:AN thread [1] that led to opening of -
Arbcomm case: Palestine-Israel articles

Arbitration Enforcement requests involving Jaakobou (only some recent; 2008-2009):

Other recent threads:

  • Wikiquette alert filed by George where uninvolved commentators suggested opening an RfC to deal with racist commentary
  • WP:AN complaint by Jaakobou against SlimVirgin that turned into a discussion of whether or not he should be community banned: [2]

The problem (this time and almost every time): WP:DE, WP:TE, WP:Hounding, inappropriate talk page behaviour and soapboxing accompanied by a WP:BATTLE attitude.

  • At Muhammad al-Durrah incident, the latest problems began with this edit. Besides reverting additions I was in the process of discussing with another editor on the talk page, it was the edit summary that I took issue with ("undo POV and muqawama apologetics.")
  • Please note, I have asked Jaakobou not to use the term "muqawama" incessantly and it was only three weeks ago that he agreed not to per this extended discussion on his talk page. In this talk page section, following his edit, I ask him if he is trying to provoke me, given his earlier pledge and counsel him to self-revert given that he has also altered unrelated content. Instead of doing so, he continues to be provocative there and on the Muhammad al-Durrah incident talk page where he reuses the exact phrase that prompted me to go to his talk page in the first place, writing "You've been editing wikipedia for long enough learn what balance is and these muqauwama apologetics are inexcusable."
  • Please also note that on his talk page (in the section linked above but in this diff), he accuses me of provoking him by "pushing the attacking Jews is legitimate "unrest"[3] angle" (?!?). Both another editor (RomaC [4]) and myself [5] took issue with that characterization and asked him to strike. He did not. Instead choosing to slightly modify his comment and justifying his personal attack by further misrepresenting my position. [6].