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Welcome to Tra's user page

Hi, if you're interested in my edits, please check out my contributions.

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About Me[edit]

I'm from Guernsey, which is very near the UK. I speak English but I also know a bit of French and German.

Pictures I drew[edit]

Parishes in Guernsey[edit]

Parishes of Jersey[edit]

Parishes in Guernsey
Main Picture

This is a map of Guernsey. I used it as a basis for the other parish maps.

Parishes of Jersey
Main Picture

This is a map of Jersey. I used it as a basis for the other parish maps.

St Peter Port, Guernsey
Page: The Forest

This is a map of Guernsey. The Forest is shaded in red.

Saint Helier, Jersey
Page: Saint Helier

This is a map of Jersey. Saint Helier is shaded in red.

More images... More images...

Big Brother[edit]

Big Brother House
House plan

I made this for the Big Brother (UK series 7) article by inverting the colours on the existing picture. I think it looks a bit clearer.

Big Brother House
SVG version

This is an SVG version of the above (with a few minor changes) that should look clearer still.

Sidebar translator[edit]

To have the 'in other languages' list on the sidebar display the English names of the language (e.g. German instead of Deutsch), go to monobook.js and insert the following line: {{subst:js|User:Tra/sidebartranslate.js}} then save the page and then press Ctrl + F5. Please note, this will not translate all of the languages in the sidebar so you may see some that are still in their local names. A German version, by Revolus is also available.


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For your contribution to the wikipedia community - Keep up the good work! symode09 23:18, 3 March 2007 (UTC)
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Thanks for helping me!!!!!!! Richardkselby 23:04, 5 March 2007 (UTC)
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