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Hi, I'm truflip99! I love Oregon, travel, and trains. Oh, and Korean fried chicken.


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My main mode of transportation when I travel is rail. Below is a list of systems I've ridden over the years.

Continent Country Locale System Line
Asia  China Shanghai Shanghai Metro
 China SHJS CRH Shanghai–Nanjing intercity HSR
 China SHZJ Shanghai–Hangzhou HSR
 Japan KansaiChūgoku Shinkansen Sanyō Shinkansen
 Japan KantōChūbuKansai Tōkaidō Shinkansen
 Japan Kansai Hankyu Arashiyama Line
 Japan Kansai Kyoto Main Line
 Japan Kansai Takarazuka Main Line
 Japan Kansai JR West Kansai Airport Line
 Japan Kansai Keihan Main Line
 Japan Kansai Nara Line
 Japan Kansai Osaka Loop Line
 Japan Kansai Sagano Line
 Japan Kansai Sakurajima Line
 Japan Kansai San'yō Main Line
 Japan Kansai Kintetsu Railway Kyoto Line
 Japan Kantō JR East Keihin-Tohoku Line
 Japan Kantō Shōnan–Shinjuku Line
 Japan Kantō Yamanote Line
 Japan Kantō Yokohama Line
 Japan Kantō Keisei Electric Railway Keisei Main Line
 Japan Kantō Tokyu Corporation Tōkyū Den-en-toshi Line
 Japan Kyoto Kyoto Metro
 Japan Osaka Osaka Metro
 Japan Tokyo Tokyo Monorail
 Japan Tokyo Tokyo Subway
 Japan Yokohama Yokohama Municipal Subway
 South Korea KTX Gyeongbu HSR
 South Korea Seoul Seoul Metropolitan Subway
 South Korea Seoul AREX
 South Korea Busan Busan Metro
 South Korea Daegu Daegu Metro
Europe  Czech Republic Prague Prague Metro
 Netherlands Nederlandse Spoorwegen
 Netherlands Amsterdam Amsterdam Tram
 Portugal Lisbon CP Lisboa Linha de Cascais
 Portugal Lisbon Linha de Sintra
 Portugal Lisbon Lisbon Metro
 England Greater LondonEast of England Thameslink, Southern and Great Northern Thameslink
 England London London Underground
 Canada Calgary CTrain
 Canada Vancouver SkyTrain
 United States Bay Area Bay Area Rapid Transit
 United States Chicago Chicago "L"
 United States Las Vegas Las Vegas Monorail
 United States Los Angeles Los Angeles Metro Rail
 United States NJNY PATH
 United States New Jersey NJ Transit Morristown Line
 United States New York City New York Subway
 United States Portland MAX Light Rail
 United States Portland Portland Streetcar
 United States Portland WES Commuter Rail
 United States Seattle Link light rail Central Link


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