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Wikipedia's goal is to compile the sum of ALL human knowledge (even the bits that you abhor)

for adamians, buddhists and pythonians:

wikipedia is fun. you can just read or you can write stuff. make sure the stuff you write is right and not rude. be nice. tell others when you think they added good stuff. ask others who added yucky stuff why they did not steal stuff. get it from truthful folk who want to give it away. that's about it really. oh and and try and live together in peace and harmony with people of all creeds and nations.[[1]] [[2]][[

For the bewildered, bruised,blustered,bullied,and bereft:

Beware of those who attempt to dissuade your edits or reverts with allusions to exotic labels like [[WP:BAMBOOZELISM ]] OR [[WP:IHAVENOTREADTHISBUTITSOUNDSIMPORTANTISM]] Asking such soi-disant-semi-professional-allusionists to name the section of the policy that applies can often cause them to SHC by apoplexy . Which is handy. [[3]]

EDIT DISPUTE 16/JAN/2011[edit]

This page is the subject of an ongoing recent edit dispute. The disputed 10,000+ characters of material reverted comprising an essay and a transcript can be found here[[4]] any comments or insights are welcome on my Discussion page. There is also a discussion[[5]] here - item 22 on the reverters talk page entitled "Your chop of my UserPage essay+transcript re. UFO reverts"

"I think Wikipedia should seriously consider marketing T-Shirts reading: I am an opponent of the Cabal: "<----first ever edit to Jimmy Wales's talk page back in 2001 LOLOLOL plus ça change !

These 4 micro essays are usefulFour essays every Wikimedian should read!

If it is all getting just too tedious to bear( I'm a Doctor, Jim, not a Wikipedian) this page Wikistress has some good pointers

Before you start editing,stop and ask yourself what baggage am I carrying? -If it consists of resentment or feelings of impotence in the 3D world,consider having a read only session, or turn off the computer and go for a walk instead.--— ⦿⨦⨀Tumadoireacht Talk/Stalk 12:53, 23 January 2011 (UTC)

If you have a complaint about article content, there are several avenues to pursue. The best and simplest way is to fix it. You can also open a discussion on the article's talk page regarding the issues which you want to address. Be sure that you are adding well-written text using legitimate information from credible, reliable sources. If your change gets reverted, continue the discussion on the article talk page to get consensus. That is how Wikipedia works.--J.Wales.

  • Diplomacy consists of combining honesty and politeness. Both are objectively valuable moral principles. Be honest with me, but don't be mean to me. Don't misrepresent my views for your own political ends. J.Wales ( in international diplomacy a Big Gun helps too Mr. Jimbo)

    Working with others[edit]

    Assume good faith WP:AGF • WP:FAITH
    Avoid instruction creep WP:CREEP
    Civility and etiquette WP:CIV • WP:EQ
    Consensus WP:CON
    IPs are human too WP:HUMAN
    Do not bite the newcomers WP:BITE
    Do not disrupt Wikipedia to illustrate a point WP:POINT
    No personal attacks WP:NPA • WP:ATTACK
    Resolving disputes WP:DR
    Vandalism WP:VAND


    Beware of those who refer most to what it is not ( They often suffer agonizing peristalsis problems in later life)

    1 Style and format

    1.1 Wikipedia is not a paper encyclopedia but it is a compendium

    2 Content:

    2.1 Wikipedia is not a dictionary but many notable words have articles nonetheless

    2.2 Wikipedia is not a publisher of original thought mostly but there are ways to get your ideas in at the same time

    2.3 Wikipedia is not a soapbox or means of promotion -it is for some

    2.4 Wikipedia is not a mirror or a repository of links, images, or media files but that ends up happening in a roundabout way

    2.5 Wikipedia is not a blog, webspace provider, social networking, or memorial site-yeah right

    2.6 Wikipedia is not a directory- it is and it isn't

    Wikipedia is not a manual, guidebook, textbook, or scientific journal but has elements of all 4

    2.8 Wikipedia is not a crystal ball but a lot of balls is written here especially on the discussion pages

    2.9 Wikipedia is not an indiscriminate collection of information-your indiscriminate is my precious knowledge -a subjective category

    2.10 Wikipedia is not censored- It certainly is, but is upfront about why. except for the cabals....... 3 Community

    3.1 Wikipedia is not a democracy -more of a consensuality -PHFWOAR !

    3.2 Wikipedia is not a bureaucracy Ahem! lol

    3.3 Wikipedia is not a battleground-more of a paintball arena

    3.4 Wikipedia is not an anarchy-however hard it tries

    3.5 Wikipedia is not compulsory-but is highly addictive

    4 And finally...

    5 When you wonder what to do-do nothing

    Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.