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Vercalos al'Corlin
The Wanderer

About Me[edit]

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My Reason for Being Here[edit]

I started here on October 22nd, 2005. Not really with the intention of contributing to Wikipedia(mostly because I really don't know very much that isn't already here), but more so I could keep track of new info being added to articles. I must admit that my beginning here is less than auspicious, and since I really have difficulty remaining unbiased when it comes to certain issues, I will primarily avoid writing in articles unless I have a fairly firm idea that my addition is fact pure and simple.

Other Efforts[edit]

Aside from monitoring the HP content for accuracy, I will often check edits at random for vandalism, especially if I recognize the IP address.

Verc's test page

Elsewhere Online[edit]

I'm pretty much known as Vercalos just about everywhere on the internet... If you search for my name on any search engine, anything you find will most likely be attached to me in some way or another, either a comment made directly by me or a comment about me. In fact, a I wrote a horrible review for Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures for SNES(horrible as in badly written), and it's still floating around in a now defunct Nintendo fan site. I also have a DeviantArt account where I occassionally post poetry, prose, or digital art, but none of it's particularly spectacular, in my opinion.


I am currently a freelance photographer, an avid gamer, a daoist, and a martial arts instructor(rank, not occupation). I've also held jobs as crowd control at a theme park, a lab tech for a Kodak One Hour Photo kiosk, and a Fuji photo lab. The only job I was ever fired from was a telemarketing job.. Though considering the length of time I was actually there, that doesn't really count.

Interesting Vandalism[edit]

Out of boredom, I decided to include a section on vandalism that isn't offensive, but creative, but still had to be removed, as they were disruptive. Keep in mind, this doesn't mean I approve of vandalism, or that I won't report it.

Found in Titan A.E.[edit]

The characters Cale and Akima originally starred in a PC video game called Broken Sword, the characters were changed slightly for their role in the film, Cale as lead character George Stobbart and Akima as the French reporter Nicole Collard.

To be honest, I thought that it was amusing.. I do rather wonder if they had any influence over one another(their style of being drawn is somewhat similar, and, as the vandal pointed out, they look rather similar).

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