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I have now, for the most part, ceased to edit actively on Wikipedia and in that sense I have semi-retired. I will pop in from time to time to check on my watchlist and talkpage but I won't be editing in the true sense of the word. During my time on Wikipedia I have spent the vast majority of my time in the Military History and association football related articles. I have been a Coordinator for the military history project for about three years and I didn't put myself forward for re-election in September 2011.

I am an administrator here on wikipedia, which means that I have some extra tools to help with the mopping. I am open to recall as an administrator. For the process to be followed, please see my accountability page.

I am the owner of the global username Woody. I originally used the username Woodym555 (talk · contribs).



All of the content that I have had featured as well as a list of articles that I have created, can be found by going to User:Woody/Articles. I have added a number of images to Commons, they can be found over at Commons.

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Victoria Cross

I am also involved in maintaining and developing the vast series of Victoria Cross related articles (see Victoria Cross (disambiguation) and List of Victoria Cross recipients for info.) The medals are a Featured Topic. These include:

Category:Recipients of the Victoria Cross and all of its subcategories.

Royal Navy

I also create some Royal Navy articles such as ships or bios. I generally aim to take the articles up to GA, A-Class or FA status. There are some articles that in my opinion are of great importance so I will do my best to help them up to FA standard. These articles are in general about military history and naval history in particular e.g.

To help achieve this I am a proud member of the Military History project and the Biography project military taskforce.

Aston Villa F.C.

I watch and contribute when I can to Aston Villa F.C. related articles. There seem to be quite a few nowadays. Everlast1910 and myself collaborated on the majority of articles, and the featured topic of Aston Villa F.C. was the result. Listed below are the results of our collaboration: