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This user is no longer active on Wikipedia as of July 2008.

To anyone who reads this, please note that my reasoning does not apply to everyone who edits wikipedia, though it applies to enough of the editors to make a difference.

For three years I have wasted hours time on wikipedia editing and trying to resolve some of its problems, and what do I get for it? Absolutely nothing but hassle and stress, while watching all my hard work get reverted by some political activist who disagrees with me. Well I’m sick and tired of it. I’m done trying to fight political activists who have nothing better to do in their sorry lives than promote their most radical political views (usually by means of censorship and making crap up). I’m done reverting vandals who add racial slurs to articles, and people who just make stuff up which never gets reverted, and racists who insist on having their perspective promoted, usually through fighting and persistence. Now, I will admit I am not unbiased, but I have realized that in order to get anything done here, I have found myself taking a stand far more radical than my actual beliefs just to balance out some of the radical activists. Well I’m sick and tired of it. Wikipedia users and administrators do next to nothing to resolve the problems with this wiki, and some are even part of the problem. Hardly anybody gets blocked once they become well established, or a so-called “respected editor.” It is virtually impossible to de-sysop a corrupt or bad admin, and even tougher to get rid of an editor. Well I have learned one thing from this above all else. An encyclopedia that anybody can edit does not come out with good results. Anybody can edit anonymously means just that. Anybody, no matter how radical their views are, can come to wikipedia to do whatever they want. After editing, and seeing what a cesspool wikipedia is, it amazes me how people ever trusted some of the crap is posted here on wikipedia. I’m done trying to fix it. The wiki is not fixable, as many of the editors are part of the problem. The sooner the so-called wikipedia community realizes that, the better the wiki will be in the long run.

If you wish to say something to me, please email me, as that is the only way I will receive your message.