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Re: on Wallington Grammar page[edit]

Hello DMacks,

I am a representative of OxNotes (a student run website and soon to be textbook) , I apologise for method in which it was recently added to the Wikipedia page, I have ensured all 'marketing speak' has been removed and what is left is only factual information. Please feel free to contact me via LinkedIn, Twitter or email if you require any further information. Thank you.

Kind Regards


Kazim Chaudri Editor: OxNotes by Fluxty (Non-Profit)

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Sorry not sure how els to contact you to discuss the farm page.

ANI notice[edit]

Information icon There is currently a discussion at Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents regarding an issue with which you may have been involved. Thank you.

added external links[edit]

I had added one reference link to page Бесхвостые , tutorvista had added its 4 links, then why not i can add one more reference link from other website. Its not promotion, but the page which i have, also tells about fron digestive system. So is that bad to put a reference link on that page. Please guide me.

Support request with team editing experiment project[edit]

Dear tech ambassadors, instead of spamming the Village Pump of each Wikipedia about my tiny project proposal for researching team editing (see here:, I have decided to leave to your own discretion if the matter is relevant enough to inform a wider audience already. I would appreciate if you could appraise if the Wikipedia community you are more familiar with could have interest in testing group editing "on their own grounds" and with their own guidance. In a nutshell: it consists in editing pages as a group instead of as an individual. This social experiment might involve redefining some aspects of the workflow we are all used to, with the hope of creating a more friendly and collaborative environment since editing under a group umbrella creates less social exposure than traditional "individual editing". I send you this message also as a proof that the Inspire Campaign is already gearing up. As said I would appreciate of *you* just a comment on the talk page/endorsement of my project noting your general perception about the idea. Nothing else. Your contribution helps to shape the future! (which I hope it will be very bright, with colors, and Wikipedia everywhere) Regards from User:Micru on meta.

Maybe you should not rollback my code in the word "leapyear"[edit]

Hi, DMacks:

    When I fixed the some mistake of python code in "leap year", my code is rollback by you for the reason "Too much detail/WP is not a how-to manual". I'm software engineer, and I found many people don't known the history of "leap year", include the textbooks about programming in china. the wrong code is used for getting "leap year"(before 1582). So, I spend some time to study this question, and wrote the code which let more people know "leap year". can you allow the code is added to the context of "leap year".
   It's my first commit in Wiki. :)
   Best Regards
   Jerry.Liu, Beijing, China

   I have add python code to bake of baidu. let more people knows the history of "leap year".  My English is poor, maybe you can know what I said.  hah.

Edit Summary[edit]

Thank you very much for your time, reminder, and guide.


DMacks - Undid revision 895653289 by (talk)[edit]

Hello DMacks - I'm not sure what your comment means, can you expand please?

"not in keeping with WP:EL. Maybe could be useful as an actual WP:CITE for new content? Undid revision 895653289 by (talk)"

Tech News: 2019-45[edit]

16:47, 4 November 2019 (UTC)

Disambiguation link notification for November 5[edit]

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You've got mail[edit]

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DMacks, for continuing to look in on the Burgi-Dunitz and Flippin-Lodge articles. You are a good chemist, communicator, and mate. (talk) 03:25, 7 November 2019 (UTC)

Thank you, random stranger! DMacks (talk) 03:47, 7 November 2019 (UTC)

Tech News: 2019-46[edit]

22:03, 11 November 2019 (UTC)

Changes to English Democrats Description[edit]

Dear Dmacks

With regards to the above, you have changed my edits. Please stop. The English Democrats are NOT a Right Wing Party and I am sick of people altering my edits. What is your evidence they are? I got it from the source which you can't beat.

Very kindly stop the changes.

Kind regards

Philster 1972 — Preceding unsigned comment added by Philster1972 (talkcontribs) 02:24, 13 November 2019 (UTC)

What the group says themselves is WP:PRIMARY and therefore fairly irrelevant for an encyclopedia. Instead, the wikipedia content policy mandates that we use WP:SECONDARY--what independent reliable sources have published. Several of us have told you that, and has been discussed extensively on Talk:English Democrats (per WP:DR policy). If you continue to edit war against consensus and fail to cite reliable sources, you'll just lose your ability to edit altogether. DMacks (talk) 02:54, 13 November 2019 (UTC)


where does the content(which you deleted) belong then? It is a form of mis-information to stress the law of thermodynamics because this argument has its limitations when regenerative braking and battery power is added into the equation— Preceding unsigned comment added by Nullyoa (talkcontribs) 10:09, 14 November 2019 (UTC)

It might or might not belong anywhere, especially being a WP:PRIMARY research. Given multiple editors have disputed adding it in various places, the solution is not to keep trying to add it. There is the appearance that your goal here is to promote this idea at all costs (WP:SPAM), regardless of its actual value to our encyclopedia. DMacks (talk) 11:53, 16 November 2019 (UTC)

<nullyoa>: Well I am trying to promote the idea because I think there is a potential benefit that could be gained from it (because an encyclopedia should explain how things work) and because there were definitely some misconceptions which I have been able to address. I have written plausible explanations and applications which deserve the attention of other editors because they do have actual value to the encyclopedia. I'll let the other editors decide what to do with the stuff I posted in the "talk" section. Feel free to correct any possible mistakes I may have made. I have contributed as much as I could. </nullyoa>

Sorry, but wikipedia is only for things that are already established in WP:RS, not for WP:SYNTH or proposals of your own design. DMacks (talk) 13:52, 17 November 2019 (UTC)


Hi DMacks, can you please block OfficialAnkitSaroha and Ankitgolu04? They're ducks. See c:COM:ANU#Same_person. 大诺史 (talk) 11:36, 17 November 2019 (UTC)

 Done Thanks for the heads-up. DMacks (talk) 13:48, 17 November 2019 (UTC)