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Vaidyar ( other wise known as Vaidyan) is a Malayalam term implies physician or practitioner of any Indian systems of medicine (Ayurveda, Siddha etc), particularly referred to an expert who practice herbal medicine . People of ancient Kerala had used this title to address the hereditary Ayurvedic physicians. The surname is therefore, has its root to a profession of practising ayurvedic medicine. It was not a caste name, in olden days, the traditional ayurvedic physicians and their descendants were honoured with this Title

Similar occupational surnames like Vaidhya, Vaid, Vaidhh, Vaidh, Vaidya, Baid, Baidya are found in persons of other regions of India. The name Vaidyar is different from Vaadhyar of Karnataka state, which is a different community of people.