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The Valluvan Kadav Sree Muthappan temple is situated in Kerala. In the Kannur district there are muthappan temples in every village. The most famous parassini kadav sree muthappan temple attracts thousands of pilgrims every day. The Valluvan Kadav Sree Muthappan Temple is a 400-year-old temple that was recently renovated completely, drawing large numbers of devotees to this temple situated in Kannadiparamba in Kannur district.

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Story of Muthappan[edit]

In Payyavoor village there was a Brahmin family known as Ayyankara. The lady of the Ayyankara royal family went for her usual bath in the nearby Payyvur river. As she was bathing, she heard a ringing sound, similar to the sound made by anklets. To her surprise she spotted a baby floating in a basket of flowers in the river water. Anxious for a child, she immediately took the boy home. Her husband considered the baby to be a blessing from their god Shiva. The child grew up. In his youth, he was fond of hunting and he would often kill birds and animals and would consume their roasted flesh. This practice was highly unacceptable in the eyes of his parents, for which the boy would often receive scolding. Unable to bear this, one day the boy decided to leave home. On seeing that his mother was reluctant to let him leave, he looked at her in fury with fiery eyes. On seeing this terrible expression of her son, she bowed to him and understood that her son was no ordinary boy. Thus, his divinity was revealed and he was thus understood to be Muthappan.

He obeyed that he would wear the "Poikannu" to conceal the original as that eye may make fire in order to create "Santi and Samabavana" Muthappan at his childhood was always for the benefit of downtrodden and poor people. The mother knew that he is godly gift and leave Ayyankara. He left Ayyankara and reached Kunnathurpadi, Puralimala, Thillenkeri, Kannapuram, Parassinikadavu and Valluvankadav. In Kunnathurpadi, Chantan a tribalman was his friend. He wanter always with his dog., He saw Chantan was tapping from Palm tree. The boy requested to give him toddy. But Chantan ignored it. All of sudden he transformed into a stone. His wife prayed that she would offer the boy "oottu" and "Tiruvappana" and "amruthakalasam" in the month of Dhanu. Suddenly Chantan appeared. Therefore, the Chantan family started to do the pooja for the boy and started to call "Muthappan". In the Kunnathurpadi royal family called karakatttidam nayanar came to know this and invited Muthappan. Henceforth Muthappan pooja started. The god started his travel once again.

Every year in the month of Dhanu the festival in Kunnathur starts with Muthappan performance dressed by "Anhuttan" famil member. The vellattam komaram also accompany them.

The Muthappan form in different way. The first tone in the form of boy, youg boy. Purankala Muthappan and finally Thiryvapan, which is now seen at Prassinikadav and Valluvankadavu.

The Muthappankavu and muthappan Madapuras are plenty in North Malabar. The Madppuras areas are blessed with rich growth of vegetation which provides setting for cool and calm atmosphere. All the Madappura are nearby rivers or hill top surrounded by different communities associated with Muthappan. The Vannan and anthuttan community is the most powerful theyyam artists. They are the traditional Muthappan Artists. In theyyam, Thira season they are all busy with the Madapura festival.

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