Vame language

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Native toCameroon
RegionFar North Province
Native speakers
(8,500 cited 1992)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3mlr

Vame or Pelasla is an Afroasiatic language spoken in northern Cameroon. Dialects are Dəmwa (Dume?), Hurza, Mayo-Plata (Pəlasla, Gwendele), Mbərem (Vame-Mbreme), and Ndreme (Vame).


  • Social Anthropologist and linguist Olivier Nyssens (Belgium) stayed two years (1981–1983) with the Vame people, learned their language and wrote two articles.
  • Linguist Daniel Barreteau made a comparative study of Vame along with other Mandara languages.
  • French linguist Veronique de Colombel made a brief lexical comparative study of 17 mandara languages including Vame.[3]
  • SIl Linguist William Kinnaird wrote couple of article (2005-2006) on how to write Vame.


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