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Vattenfall United Kingdom
IndustryRenewable energy
FounderN.V. Nuon Energy
Area served
Parts of the United Kingdom
ProductsElectrical power

Vattenfall United Kingdom is a subsidiary of Vattenfall.[1] It generates renewable energy, primarily through wind farms[2] in the United Kingdom.[3]


Vattenfall United Kingdom was established as Nuon Renewables in 2000. It was a United Kingdom based subsidiary of N.V. Nuon Energy. It has since built many wind farms which form a potential annual power generation total of eight hundred megawatts.[4] They generate and distribute gas and electricity to millions of customers across the United Kingdom.[5] After acquisition of N.V. Nuon Energy by Vattenfall it operated as an independent business unit. In January 2012 it was merged with Vattenfall's other assets in the United Kingdom and was renamed Vattenfall United Kingdom.[6]


The company owns and operates many wind farms, some as small as their ten megawatt Parc Cynog wind farm, to others as large as their current project, a two-hundred and ninety-nine megawatt development in Pen y Cymoedd Wind Energy.[4]

Source[5] Project Location Windmills State Generating Capacity Total Height Equiv Homes
[7] Airfield Farm Airfield Farm
(in North West Bedfordshire)
3 Under
[8] Harrington Former RAF
Harrington Airfield
7 Under
14 megawatts 126 meters 7,700
[9] Hirddywel Hirddywel 9 Under
27 megawatts 125 meters 15,100
[10] Llanbadarn
North of Llanbadarn Fynydd
in Radnorshire, Powys
17 Active 51 megawatts 126.5 meters 27,566
[11] Mynydd Waun Fawr Southwest of Llanerfyl
in Powys, Wales
15 Proposed 37.5 megawatts 110 meters 20,000

Current project[edit]

Nuon Renewables is currently considering building a wind farm of seven turbines at the RAF Harrington airfield.[12]

Turbines In Operation Estimated Average
Generating Capacity
Tower Height
Blade Length
Turbine Height
Estimated Yearly
Electricity Produced
Estimated Equivalent
Homes Powered
Estimated Yearly
Carbon Dioxide Saved
7 14 Megawatts 85 Meters 41 Meters 126 Meters 36,000,000 Kilowatt hours 7,700 13 - 31 Kilotons per Year


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