Veeran Sundaralingam

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Sundharalinga Kudumbanar
SuccessorBritish Rule
FatherPandiyan Kattana Karuppanan

Sundaralinga Kudumbanar (died 1799), also known as "Veeran" Sundaralingam Kudumbanar, was an 18th-century CE general from Tamil Nadu, India.

Fight against British[edit]

He was a general of the Poligar Veerapandiya Kattabomman in his fight against the British East India Company. According to a majority of the accepted historical accounts, he was killed in 1799, while fighting for Kattabomman during the First Polygar War. Another view is that he was killed in the Second Polygar War (1800-1) while assisting Kattabomman's younger brother Oomaithurai.


In recent years Sundaralinga Kudumbanar has been claimed as cultural icon of Kudumbar community who are mostly living 19 districts of south Tamil Nadu. In 2009, the Tamil Nadu government-issued a policy note to build a memorial for Sundaralingam at Governagiri.[1][2][3][4][5]

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