Vehicle registration plates of Anguilla

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License Plate 2007 Anguilla.svg
Current series
Size6 in × 12 in
150 mm × 300 mm
Serial formatA 123
Introduced2007; 12 years ago (2007)
First issued1950; 69 years ago (1950)

Anguilla requires its residents to register their motor vehicles and display vehicle registration plates.[1] Current plates, changed in 2007, have a blue and white background with black letters and are North American standard 6 × 12 inches (152 × 300 mm). Vehicle plates have an 'A' followed by four digits.[2] The letter denoting the type of vehicle has been moved to the front and 'P' is now designated for personal vehicles.[3]

Image First issued Design Slogan Serial format Serials issued Notes
ANGUILLA passenger license plate 1950s Flickr - woody1778a.jpg 1950s
A 1234
A 1234 H
'H' on the end for a hire vehicle/taxi
A 1234 G
'G' on the end for a government vehicle
A 1234 R
'R' on the end for a rental vehicle
Crown of Saint Edward (Heraldry).svg
The Governor's car has a crown on a black plate
License Plate 2007 Anguilla.svg 2007 The coat of arms of Anguilla is depicted next to the number with 'Anguilla' and 'Rainbow City' above and below the sequence respectively
Blank License Plate Shape.svg

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