Vehicle registration plates of Kazakhstan

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Plate for private vehicles
Plate for non-private vehicles

The current format of Vehicle registration plates of Kazakhstan uses black letters on a white background with a Kazakh Flag and the country code KZ on the left. The two digit area code is located on the square located on the right and the rest of the plate follows the format 111AAA. This format was introduced in 2011 and was implemented from August 2012.

Design until August 2012[edit]

Plate for non-private vehicles

This format of Vehicle registration plates of Kazakhstan used black letters on a white background. Each registration plate consisted of a single letter identifying the area and three digits and two letters identifying the non-individual car (for example: A 001 AA) or of a single letter identifying the area and three digits and three letters identifying the individual car (for example: A 585 CUO)

Special registration plates also exist. Cars registered to non-Kazakh individuals and organizations have registration plates with black letters on a yellow background. Diplomatic vehicles use registration plates with white letters on a red background.

Regional codes[edit]

New Area Code Old Area Code City/Area
01 Z Astana
02 A Almaty
03 C, O, W Akmola Province
04 D Aktobe Province
05 B, V Almaty Province
06 E Atyrau Province
07 L West Kazakhstan Province
08 H Zhambyl Province
09 K, M Karagandy Province
10 P, W Kostanay Province
11 N Kyzylorda Province
12 R Mangystau Province
13 X Turkistan Region
14 S Pavlodar Province
15 O, T North Kazakhstan Province
16 F, U East Kazakhstan Province
17 - Shymkent
18 - reserved
19 - reserved
20 - reserved

Codes on government plates[edit]

Code Organisation
01 President
02 Prime Minister
03 Mazhilis
04 Senate
05 Secretary of State
AV, AST Government and administration, senators
SK Presidential Security ("Security Kazakhstan")
NS National security
АС (AW*, KP*) Ministry of Internal Affairs
SP* Tax Police (Salyk policijasy)
ТC* Custom Committee
VP* Almaty municipal car
PK* General Prosecutor
АА Akym (Head of the region)
1 Akym (Head of the region)
2-120 Akym of the city (and their office)

Codes on Soviet era plates[edit]

Suffix City/Province
АК Akmola Province
АП Alma-Ata Province
АТ Alma-Ata
АЮ Aktobe Province
ВА East Kazakhstan Province
ВК East Kazakhstan Province
ГУ Atyrau Province
ГТ Atyrau Province
ДЖ Jambyl Province
ДК Jezkazgan Province
ЗК West Kazakhstan Province
КЗ Kyzylorda Province
КТ Kokshetau Province
КЩ Kostanay Province
МШ Mangystau Province
НЖ Kostanay Province
ПА Pavlodar Province
СК North Kazakhstan Province
СП Sempalatinsk Province
ТГ Torgay Province
ТК Taldykorgan Province
УТ West Kazakhstan Province
ЦЛ Akmola Province
ЧМ South Kazakhstan Province
ША Atyrau Province
ЮК South Kazakhstan Province

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