Venetian Centre-Right

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Venetian Centre-Right
FoundedMay 2017
Split fromTosi List for Veneto
Political positionCentre-right

The Venetian Centre-Right (Italian: Centrodestra Veneto, CDV), whose complete name is Venetian Centre-Right – Autonomy and Freedom (Centrodestra Veneto – Autonomia e Libertà), is a liberal-conservative and autonomist political party in Italy, based in Veneto.

The party emerged in May 2017 as a split from the Tosi List for Veneto (LTV) and its Italian counterpart Act!. Both parties were founded and led by Flavio Tosi, mayor of Verona and former leader of Liga VenetaLega Nord. In the 2015 regional election the LTV and an LTV-related list obtained a combined 7.1% and four regional councillors: Andrea Bassi, Stefano Casali, Maurizio Conte and Giovanna Negro. Casali, a former deputy mayor of Verona under Tosi, was appointed LTV floor leader.

In November 2016 Casali launched his bid for mayor of Verona in 2017 without Tosi's support,[1] in the following months formed a separate group from that of the Tosi List in the Municipal Council, while continuing to lead the LTV in the Regional Council,[2][3] and finally chose to support the joint centre-right candidate for mayor, Federico Sboarina,[4] instead of Patrizia Bisinella, Tosi's partner and LTV's official candidate for mayor.[5][6]

In May 2017 Casali and Bassi finally left the LTV and formed a separate group in the Regional Council, Venetian Centre-Right.[7][8] In doing this, they were joined by a third councillor, Fabiano Barbisan of Liga Veneta (but elected with the Zaia List), for technical reasons.

Conte launched a similar outfit, Veneto for Autonomy (VpA), in July,[9] and the LTV was effectively disbanded.