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VirtualDubMod in Wine.png
Stable release / August 29, 2005; 13 years ago (2005-08-29)
Written inC, C++, Pascal
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows
Typevideo capture, video processing
LicenseGNU GPL

VirtualDubMod was an open-source video capture and processing tool for Microsoft Windows, based on Avery Lee's VirtualDub.


Version (build 2542) was released on 21 February 2006. VirtualDub's author, which hosts VirtualDubMod's forums, claimed that development had been abandoned.[1] A version labeled as "VirtualDubMod SURROUND", dated 9 April 2006, was released by a company called Aud-X.[2] A Version build 2550 was released by VirtualDub-Fr.[3]


VirtualDubMod merged several specialized forks of VirtualDub posted on the Doom9 forums. Added features included Matroska (MKV) support, OGM support, and MPEG-2 support.[4]

One notable feature that remains missing in VirtualDubMod is the ability to program timed video captures, which was present in one VirtualDub fork called VirtualDubVCR.[5]

Despite the abandonment of development of VirtualDubMod, some of its features can be added to VirtualDub through input plugins and ACM codecs provided by users on VirtualDub forums.[6]

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