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VA 2 Icon 300.png
Developer(s)Asuni CAD S.A.
Initial releaseOctober 2009
Stable release
2.4.0 / January 30, 2019 (2019-01-30)
Operating systemWindows (XP/Vista/7/8/10)
PlatformRhinoceros (4.0-6.0)
Available inEnglish, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Czech, Chinese, Korean

VisualARQ is commercial architectural BIM software that works as a plug-in for Rhinoceros CAD application;[1][2][3] developed by Asuni CAD, based in Barcelona, Spain. It is aimed at Rhinoceros users and professionals working in the architecture sector such as architects, interior designers and developers. It is developed by AsuniCAD. It competes with Architectural Desktop, Revit and ArchiCAD.


It was first implemented as a plug-in for AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT released in 2000,[4] as a competitor to Architectural Desktop, another AEC plug-in for AutoCAD developed by Autodesk.


Release history
Version Date of release New features
VisualARQ 1.0 2009, October 27[5]
VisualARQ 1.1 2010, November 9
  • Level manager
VisualARQ 1.2 2011, January 17
  • Beam object
  • IFC 2x3 export
  • Context help
VisualARQ 1.3 2011, March 30
  • Stair slab
  • Multi-core Hidden Line Removal engine
VisualARQ 1.4 2011, July 25
  • Gable/hip roofs
  • Jog sections
  • Realtime sections
  • Glass muntins
  • Awning/hooper/hung windows
VisualARQ 1.5 2012, February 9
  • Rhinoceros 5.0 (32 and 64-bit) support
  • Real-time plan views
  • New display mode 'Hidden'.
VisualARQ 1.6 2012, July 24
  • Hatched section views
  • Real-time plan views in page layout details
  • Customizable wall joints.
  • Wall components wrapping.
  • Tables with length, area and volume of VisualARQ objects.
VisualARQ 1.7 2013, January 21
  • New railing object.
  • Multi-threaded regeneration of VisualARQ geometry (Rhino 5 only)
  • Extrusion objects are used instead of breps when possible (Rhino 5 only).
  • Faster display of VisualARQ objects.
  • Identical columns and beams share the same instance definition.
  • Smaller and better IFC output files.
  • Doors and windows can be created from profile curves directly in the model.
  • Added volume property to space object.
VisualARQ 1.8 2014, June 5
  • New parametric Curtain wall object.
  • Section attributes on VisualARQ and Rhino objects.
  • New Level Manager to show and hide levels easily.
  • Texture mappings now works on VisualARQ objects.
  • New release of VisualARQ Grasshopper Components WIP 3.
  • Improved IFC exporter.
  • Full AISC and European standard beam styles added to VisualARQ templates.
  • New Tag object: displays VisualARQ objects information in 2D labels.
  • Plan View automatic update.
  • Help also available in Spanish, German, Italian and French.
  • Zoo support: shares VisualARQ licenses among users on the same network workgroup.
VisualARQ 1.9 2015, May 8
  • IFC Import.
  • IFC tag.
  • Multilayer slabs
  • Columns can be created from blocks for the 2D/3D representation
  • Option to insert openings in Curtain walls
  • Curtain walls with curved panels
  • Added a control point to lean curtain walls
  • Tag orientation
  • Plan view depth of field
VisualARQ 2.0 2017, September 29
  • Grasshopper styles: option to create dynamic blocks with VisualARQ objects from grasshopper definitions.
  • New Element, Furniture and Annotation objects
  • New commands to do boolean unions and differences between Rhino solids and VisualARQ objects
  • 2D Vector output for printing the 3D model for a real time 2D drawings
  • Custom parameters to add information to Rhino and VisualARQ objects.
  • Custom parameters are exported as IFC properties.
  • Quantity takeoffs for Rhino geometry
  • New Section Manager to create sections and align viewports to sections
  • New symbols for the Section object arrow, and Tag object shapes
  • Beam end cuts and joints calculation
  • Custom profiles with holes
  • Multilayer Roof styles.
  • Roof intersection calculations
  • New toolbar and commands to select VisualARQ objects of the same type
  • New commands to add and remove elements for space calculations
  • New Grasshopper components added for creating Texts, Hatches and Blocks
  • Added new "Conceptual" and "Realistic" display modes
VisualARQ 2.1 2018, April 19
  • Support on Rhino 6
  • Help available in Japanese
  • New vaFlip command
  • New "IFC Type" and "IFC Tag" components for Grasshopper
  • New "New Paramater" and "Get Object Properties" components for Grasshopper
  • Curtain walls are detected as spatial elements when inserting spaces.
VisualARQ 2.2 2018, June 13
  • New vaSplit and vaFillet command
  • New "Update Property" component for Grasshopper
  • Element and Furniture objects created from Grasshopper styles can be rotated in 3D.
  • Added new toolbars for the Railing, Curtain wall, and Stair objects
VisualARQ 2.3 2019, September 26
  • Added support for HiDPI displays
  • New "Section" component for Grasshopper
  • New components Building and Level to reference buildings and levels.
  • Added new toolbars for the Railing, Curtain wall, and Stair objects
VisualARQ 2.4 2019, January 30
  • VisualARQ Script API available
  • New components to create Section views from Grasshopper


  • Reviewed by Nigel Gough on Australian Association of Architectural Illustrators Inc.[6]

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