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Volkswagen Chico
VW Chico.jpg
Body and chassis
ClassConcept car

The Volkswagen Chico is a concept car produced by the German car company Volkswagen in 1992. It is a study for a small two plus two hatchback powered by two engines: a 34 PS (25 kW) two-cylinder engine and an 8 PS (5.9 kW) electric motor, which could work in tandem for a boost in power. The Chico never evolved into a production model. Volkswagen had already used the name "Chicco" (with one more "c") on a 1975 project car of a similar size.[1]

The Chico name was the name proposed for an upcoming city car based on the company's concept car, the Volkswagen up!. The Chico had been expected to be launching in the United States and in the United Kingdom in July 2012. The car would have been the smallest model of the range of the Volkswagen up!, with only two doors and two seats.[2][3] Despite press rumours, no public announcement has been made.


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