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Voorpost logo
Formation1976 (Flanders)
1978 (Netherlands)
Bart Vanpachtenbeke[1]
Action leader Flanders
Nick Van Mieghem[2]
Action leader Netherlands
Florens van der Kooi

Voorpost ("outpost, picket") is an ethnic nationalist (volksnationalist) group founded in Flanders, Belgium by Karel Dillen in 1976 as a splinter from the Volksunie.[3] Voorpost pursues an irredentist ideal of a Greater Netherlands, a nation state that would unite all Dutch-speaking territories in Europe. The organisation has staged rallies on various topics, against Islam and mosques, against leftist organizations, against drugs, against pedophilia, and against socialism.[4]

Members include Vlaams Blok ideologue Roeland Raes and Vlaams Belang politician Luc Vermeulen.[5][6] Bart Vanpachtenbeke is the leader of Voorpost[1] (succeeding Johan Vanslamsbrouck). As of 2013 Nick van Mieghem is action leader for Flanders, replacing Luc Vermeulen.[2] Florens van der Kooi (formerly of the NNP) is action leader for the Netherlands.[6][7][8] Several members of the organisation were also members of the VMO (Vlaamse Militanten Orde), which was banned in 1983 due to several violent attacks against immigrants and left-wing organisations.[3]


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