Wang Shoudao

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1st Red Army and 15th Red Army commanders in Chunhua County, Shaanxi, February 1936. Front row from left:Wang Shoudao, Yang Shangkun, Nie Rongzhen, Xu Haidong. Back row from left: Luo Ruiqing, Cheng Zihua, Chen Guang, Deng Xiaoping.

Wang Shoudao (Chinese: 王首道) (April 13, 1906 – September 13, 1996), original name Wang Fanglin (Chinese: 王芳林) was a People's Republic of China politician. He was born in Liuyang, Hunan Province. He joined the Communist Party of China in 1925. He was governor of his home province. He was minister of transport (1958–1964). He was CPPCC Committee Chairman of Guangdong.

Preceded by
Chen Mingren
Governor of Hunan
Succeeded by
Cheng Qian
Preceded by
Zhang Bojun
Minister of Transport
Succeeded by
Sun Daguang
Preceded by
Ou Mengjue
CPPCC Committee Chairman of Guangdong Succeeded by
Yin Linping