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Weinerville title card, as seen on the show's opening sequence.
Created byMarc Weiner
Presented byMarc Weiner
StarringRay Abruzzo
Brian Berns
Scott Fellows
David Jordon
Country of originUnited States
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes62
Production location(s)Nickelodeon Studios Orlando, Florida
Running time22 minutes per episode
DistributorCBS Television Distribution
Original networkNickelodeon
Picture format480i (SDTV)
Original releaseJuly 11, 1993 (1993-07-11) –
June 16, 1994 (1994-06-16)
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Weinerville is an American television program on Nickelodeon that was produced in 1993-1994. The show was based around a giant puppet stage that was designed to look like a city called Weinerville. The show was created and hosted by Marc Weiner.

The show premiered on July 11, 1993, and ended production in June 16, 1994. After the last episode aired, the show went into reruns until June 30, 1997. Weinerville reran on TeenNick on “The 90’s Are All That” on April 1, 2015 four episodes without cartoons due to copyright of the shorts expired. Four more episodes aired again October 10, 2015 after the “90’s Are All That” rebranding as “The Splat.” Since then, Weinerville has not aired on the network again. Weinerville was mentioned on the Twitter and online smartphone app trivia game HQ Trivia on April 17, 2019 on their 90’s Nickelodeon night.


During the first season, all episodes ran in a two-hour marathon every Sunday. However, Weinerville quickly gained popularity; in the middle of the first season, November 15, 1993, Nickelodeon began running the show on weekday afternoons. As a result, Nickelodeon allowed Marc and his characters to host a New Year's special event, a kids' version of Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve titled Nick New Year's, with host segments serving as wraparounds for the best Nicktoons and shows of that year, and read letters from kids about their New Year's resolutions as they counted down to midnight, then celebrated by shooting slime into the sky. Marc and his Weinerville characters hosted Nick New Year's in 1993 and 1994 from Times Square in the Nickelodeon Party Penthouse.

For the second season, which premiered on May 2, 1994, the episodes aired daily and were part of the Stick Stickly show Nick in the Afternoon, which included Marc as Dottie in some segments. Unfortunately with all the success of hosting two seasons, promotions, three television specials, and hosting a four-hour New Year's special for two years, and especially hitting a milestone for being the show to tape its 1000th episode at Nickelodeon Studios, Weinerville was not renewed for a third season. According to Marc, the cancellation happened because Nickelodeon was changing their identity from family friendly to edgy, sarcastic, and somewhat subversive shows, and a puppet show did not fit with the network's new direction of programming.[1] After its cancellation, reruns aired on Nickelodeon until June 30, 1997, although the Chanukah special was later repeated as a one-off broadcast on December 21, 1997.

On April 2, 2015, the series came to The '90s Are All That block for their "Out of the Vault" week.[2] When the block expanded and rebranded as The Splat, Weinerville was broadcast three times the night of October 10, 2015. It has not been broadcast since then.


Nickelodeon Weinerville was filmed at Nickelodeon Studios in Universal Studios Orlando Florida, it was an audience participation comedy show focused on Weiner and his puppets and about them making a show. The first few episodes did not have much of a plot or story line. During the rest of the first season, the show broke out story lines and plots, especially in the second season. Weinerville also had three television specials.

Following the first segment and a prelude to "Playland," the viewers would watch cartoons that are reruns of Mr. Magoo, Honey Halfwitch, The Alvin Show, Gerald McBoing-Boing and Batfink.


Human characters[edit]

  • Marc Weiner - The host of Weinerville who is always forced to solve most of Dottie's problems. In season one, Marc wears an unbuttoned Weinerville baseball jersey with a green undershirt. In season two, the color of his undershirt changes.
  • Kevin Elemeno P. (pronounced: "L-M-N-O-P") - The "Network Executive" character, played by Orlando local child actor Travis Robertson (played young Kevin O'Shea in the 1994 movie Little Giants), is a pun on the name of the real executive producer of the program, current MTV Networks executive Kevin Kay. Made three appearances (only in season 2).


The puppets below feature Weiner's head and a puppet body where their parts have been pre-taped so that Weiner can interact with them:

  • Dottie - The Mayor of Weinerville. Marc is usually forced to solve Dottie's problems and tends to get carried away with things if they don't get out of control. She has a sidekick/assistant named Zip. Dottie always quotes "Oh well, Welcome to Weinerville" at the end of the cold opening.
  • Baby Jeffrey - The puppet nephew of Marc. He would usually introduce Marc at the beginning of each episode and always makes a mess.
  • Big Pops - The owner of the diner "Pops&Pops." Big Pops usually does a lot with his nose, either picking it or playing the kazoo. On some occasions, he would be the one to introduce Marc. Big Popls only appeared in Season One and was dropped before Season Two.
  • Schnitzel - Marc's fresh/sassy parrot sidekick. He only appeared in Season One and was dropped before Season Two.
  • Commander Ozone - A space captain that runs the AV-1 Spaceship. He defends evil and saves the universe with his sidekick Wilson. In Season 1, he was renamed to "Captain Ozone."
  • Eric Von Firstensecond - Commander Ozone's evil enemy. He always tries to figure out an evil scheme to take over Weinerville or to marry Dottie. Eric only appeared in Season 2.
  • Cocktail Frank - The bandleader and guitar player of the house band of the show "Cocktail Frank And His Weenies." Frank is the lead singer/guitarist where his puppet band consisted of Posse on piano/turntables, Antoinette on drums, an unnamed bass guitarist, and an unnamed saxophone player.
  • Joey Deluxe - The big shot manager and powerful TV show agent.
  • Soup Tureen - The host of That's not Fair who only appeared in Season 2.

The ones listed below are puppet characters:

  • Zip (performed by Scott Fellows) - Dottie's helper who always gets himself into trouble, makes his famous trademark scream and crashes into the wall. In "DTV," it is revealed that Zip is good friends with Boney.
  • Boney (performed by Marc Weiner) - An obvious parody of Barney, he is a dinosaur skeleton in sneakers that lives in the jungles of Weinerville. Boney is beloved by children, but hates them himself. The "theme song" at the end of his show consisted of said puppet singing "Now get outta here! I'm Boney, I'm Boney, leave me aloney!" When Boney quotes "Now get outta here," the children and anyone else visiting him that are present leave his cave. For Season 2, Boney's puppet was rebuilt which that version also being used for the specials and the new YouTube Channel. In the "Chanukah Special," it is revealed that Boney loves to eat potato pancakes. He was also shown to have been attracted by the Weinerville Ski Lodge's new housekeeper Miss Kabobble (who dislikes it when someone gets snow on the floor and she ends up vacuuming it). According to the 1995 summer issue of Nickelodeon Magazine, Boney is Weiner's favorite puppet.
  • Pops (performed by Ray Abruzzo) - Known in season 1 as "Little Pops". He is the local chef who works at "Pops&Pops" with Big Pops. After Big Pops was dropped from the show after Season 1, Pops began to run the restaurant on his own. He sometimes argues and starts stuff with Louie, but they tend to get along.
  • Louie (performed by Scott Fellows) - The local laundromat owner who always argues with Pops, but they tend to get along.
  • Socko (performed by Marc Weiner) - An inverted hand puppet who likes to kick Marc's buttocks, performed with his own props, and made sarcastic gestures when things did not go right.
  • Wilson - The sidekick of Commander Ozone. In Season One, he had a squeaky voice like Zip. In Season Two, he sounds like Scotty of Star Trek fame.
  • Professor Phosphate (performed by Scott Fellows and David Jordan) - A puppet scientist with green hair who can only be seen from the waist up who debuted in Season 2. Professor Phosphate is the owner of Weinerville Labs and often causes explosions with some inventions that don't work well. Despite this, he often solves the problems.
  • Fufusky - A grub-like alien who is Eric von Firstensecond's alien sidekick.
  • Berny - An old man farmer puppet who has no performer and his mouth is always opened. He is responsible for bringing out the Weinerizer in every episode.

Other sketches[edit]

The show also featured several non-puppet characters played by Weiner himself:

  • Captain Bob - Captain Bob is a sea captain in yellow rain gear that constantly cracks puns. He owns the S.S. Bob at Port Weinerville (which is located near the building where Cocktail Frank and His Wienies are located). On many shows, an audience member would be invited to climb aboard where an offscreen person would fling water on him before the "tidal wave" (a bucket of water, or, in some cases, slime, thrown by a stage hand) soaked the participant. Captain Bob first appeared on Saturday Night Live when Weiner was a writer in the early 1980s. In scenes in which Marc Weiner interacts with Captain Bob, an actor seen from behind would portray Captain Bob with Weiner dubbing his voice in during post-production.
  • The Weinerville General Store - Members of the audience were also called down to participate in various activities during the main part of the show, such as helping to demonstrate items in the Weinerville General Store. A recurring joke on the show took place in the General Store in which Weiner would sell comedic props similar to those of Carrot Top. Nearly everything in the store sold for $13.50. It only appeared in Season One.
  • Running Joke - Occasionally, the "$13.50" gag was used in other segments. For example: on the "Talent Show" episode the winners won with 1,350 points. On the "DTV" episode, DTV was on channel 1350. On the General Store and Captain Bob skits, that would be the price when Marc would hand the participant anything.
  • That's Not Fair! - A game show where a kid and an adult played for points answering questions. Usually the kids win. It was only featured in Season 2. According to an interview with Marc Weiner, "That's Not Fair" was a pilot he made for Comedy Central in 1991, after it was tested, the network said it was appropriate for children, so Nickelodeon got a hold of it and the pilot became "Weinerville".
  • Playland - In the prelude to this sketch, Weiner would call upon two audience members to come forth to be placed in the Weinerizer so that they can be sent to Playland. In Season Two, an alarm would go off to let Weiner know that it is almost time for Playland. These participants then competed in one of various games in Playland that tested the skill of operating their puppet bodies. The runner-up received the "Silver Hot Dog", with the winner receiving the "Golden Hot Dog" as well as the "Special Topping" (a small amount of green slime dumped onto the player's head). If a malfunction occurred or both players tied they both get the "Golden Hot Dog". Occasionally, both players received the Special Topping, especially when both players were adults, and if the game involved pies, both contestants would be hit with pies themselves instead of anyone getting the Special Topping (however, the special topping was awarded for pie games in season 2). The Playland stage was enlarged and revamped the second season to incorporate more elaborate stunts; these frequently had the contestants facing each other and squirting water or whipped cream at some target, usually soaking the other contestant in the process. Some season 2 stunts were team stunts where each player had a non-Weinerized teammate. Season one was a carnival-style. In the second season, it was a radio-active style.


The show always ended with Weiner choosing two people from the audience to get "Weinerized" (turned into puppets). The participants entered a contraption called the Weinerizer upon being helped by two crew members. The Weinerizer appeared to then shrink them to the puppet size (it did so by having the contestants place their heads into a hole above a miniature puppet body). Although the audience members were ostensibly chosen at random, Matt Day (who at the time was working on another Nickelodeon show Clarissa Explains It All) revealed that participants were sometimes selected beforehand.[citation needed] They would compete in a game and the runner-up would receive a trophy called "The Silver Hot Dog." The winner would receive "The Golden Hot Dog", as well as a dose of green slime. During the credits, the two people would be seen being let out of the Weinerizer.


All episodes aired out of sequence in no particular order.

Season 1: 1993 Episode title Synopsis Cartoons
01 Marc's Mother Visits Marc learns from Mayor Dottie that his mother is coming which explained why most of its inhabitants don't want to be around when she arrives. Gerald McBoing-Boing's Symphony (1953), Stage Door Magoo (1956) & A Leak in the Dike (1965)
02 Tooth Hurty Marc teaches the importance of taking care of your teeth. Marc shows us we can recycle gum after we chewed it with the "Gum Again Machine" and shows us interesting chewed gum art work. Magoo's Young Manhood (1958) & Christopher Crumpet (1953)
03 Humidity A huge heat wave hits Weinerville as everyone tries to stay cool. Magoo Express (1955) & Forget-Me-Nuts (1967)
04 Cleaning Day While cleaning up Schnitzel's poop, Marc is called by Mayor Dottie to help get Zip out of the vacuum cleaner. Magoo's Cruise (1957) & Baggin' the Dragon (1966)
05 Zip In Space Zip plays on a toy rocketship and is accidentally launched into outer space. Marc and Mayor Dottie enlist Captain Ozone to help rescue Zip. The Dog Snatcher (1952) & A Wedding Knight (1966)
06 Missing Cartoon Mayor Dottie enlists a detective named Nick Tracy to find the missing cartoons. Punchy de Leon (1950), Ragtime Bear (1949) & Potions and Notions (1966)
07 Giant Spider A giant spider has caught Zip. The Miner's Daughter (1950) & Alter Egotist (1967)
08 Haunted Marc learns from Mayor Dottie that ghosts have been haunting Weinerville. Bwana Magoo (1959) & The Story of George Washington (1965)
09 Fitness After Marc overeats and becomes fat, Dottie puts him on a vigorous exercise program. How Now Boing Boing (1954) & Christopher Crumpet's Playmate(1955)
10 Football Marc starts a football team as Big Pops, Mayor Dottie, and Socko want to be on it as the quarterback. Magoo's Canine Mutiny (1956) & A Wedding Knight (1966)
11 Zip Stuck In VCR Zip gets stuck in the VCR as Mayor Dottie works to get him out. Giddyap (1950) & Keep the Cool, Baby (1967)
12 Magic Mayor Dottie has a magic kit and she has to use instructions. She zapped Zip too many times, but she can't stop waving with her wand. Matador Magoo (1957) & Throne for a Loss (1966)
13 Bubblegum Upon seeing Mayor Dottie's bubblegum-blowing trophies, Zip starts blowing bubblegum and starts getting trapped. Rock-Hound Magoo (1957) & Boy Pest with Osh (1963)
14 Talent Show Weinerville is holding a talent show where Big Pops plays the kazoo with his nose, Marc juggles, and Dottie does a mime act. However, Captain Bob's drums and hula girl wins! Merry Minstrel Magoo (1959) & High But Not Dry (1967)
15 Dottie's Birthday It's Mayor Dottie's birthday as Marc tries to find her a good birthday present. Scoutmaster Magoo (1958) & The Magic Fluke (1949)
16 Spaghetti Big Pops makes his special spaghetti and meatballs which everyone wants to try as he demonstrates how he makes it. Mouse Trek (1967), Magoo Saves the Bank (1957) & My Daddy the Astronaut (1967)
17 Bake Off The citizens of Weinerville are baking cakes in order to raise money for the Old Puppets Home. Madcap Magoo (1955), My Daddy the Astronaut (1967) & Think or Sink (1967)
18 Balloon Zip Mayor Dottie gets some balloons from Nick Tracy (who was last seen in "Missing Cartoons"). When Zip asks Mayor Dottie for a balloon, he gets stuck on one of them. Meanwhile, Pops and Louie have an argument on who has been belching smoke near their buildings. Magoo's Homecoming (1959), A Balmy Knight (1966) & The Stuck-Up Wolf (1967)
19 Baseball Zip takes an interest in joining Weinerville's baseball team, while practicing his batting. Marc has been getting tired of Schnitzel's jokes that he tells the audience to test there hand eye coordination by focusing on throwing baseballs at a target, like Schnitzel! Magoo's Masquerade (1957) & The Blacksheep Blacksmith (1967)
20 Budget Cutbacks Mayor Dottie gets a call from the Head of the Network that there is going to be some budget cutbacks. Gerald McBoing Boing (1950), Pink and Blue Blues (1952) & The Opera Caper (1967)
21 Popcorn Zip cooks up some popcorn. However, he uses way too much and the whole Puppet City is covered in popcorn. Magoo's Lodge Brother (1959) & Trash Program (1963)
22 Recycling Everyone in Weinerville does their part in recycling. Magoo Goes Skiing (1954), Calling Doctor Magoo (1956) & The Itch (1965)
23 Snow Day It's snowing in Puppet City, Little Pops shovels all his snow to Louie's door, closing him in. Magoo Slept Here (1953) & The Fuz (1967)
24 Train Ride Zip rides a train in Dottie's office, but it goes out of control and Zip goes crashing through the wall. Marc has his own train with a couple children from the audience, and tells them to smile and wave and makes a ratings joke. Ballet-Oop (1954) & Frog's Legs (1962)
25 Zip's Family Treasure Dottie puts together a seance to connect with the spirit of Zip's great grandfather to find out where his family treasure is buried. Things however keep on interrupting her. Sloppy Jalopy (1952) & Bringing Up Mother (1954)
26 Ziggy Zag Concert The Ziggy Zag Concert is occurring in Weinerville. How Now Boing Boing (1954) & From Nags to Witches (1966)
27 Camp Idontwanna Baby Jeffrey, Marc's nephew, is going to camp. Dottie was nice and packed for him. Due to rules, Dottie packed too many suitcases and has to repack! When Magoo Flew (1954) & Clean Sweep (1967)
28 Auxiliary Satellite System Dottie can't watch TV, her auxiliary satellite is on the fritz. So she calls for Captain Ozone to try and fix it. Then Boney tells us about "Jack and the bean stock", "Humpty Dumpty", and "Little Red Riding Hood". Dottie finally ends up having Zip be her satellite because his legs pick up great reception. Georgie and the Dragon (1951) & A Leak in the Dike (1965)
Season 2: 1994 Episode title Synopsis Cartoons
29 Ratville Professor Phosphate's rats escaped from his lab and are all over puppet city!
30 Viva Las Weinerville Dottie came back from her Las Vegas vacation, and thought it would be nice to add some flair and pizazz to Weinerville! Crashcup Invents Baseball (1961) & The Dirty Sinker (1967)
31 Dottie's Replacement Dottie has been feeling burned out, so she is going on a vacation. Marc is auditioning people to be acting mayor. Even Pops and Louie try out!
32 Weinerville For Sale Donald Rump (parody of Donald Trump) is trying to buy out Weinerville to make room for a burger joints and casino. Dottie and Marc do their best with not letting this happen, or Marc will be replaced by a guy named Bob Burger.
33 Eric Von Firstenseconds' Spell Eric Von Firstensecond is plotting to take over Weinerville by taking over the citizen's minds! All but Marc and Commander Ozone are unaffected because then the show wouldn't have an ending.
34 60 Seconds News
35 Fire Safety Marc and the Weinerville characters teach us how dangerous fire is and how to prevent fires from starting.
36 Magic Lamp Invents the West & (unknown Alvin Show segment)
37 The Puppet's Court Pop's and Louie's arguments have got out of control until finally Marc has an idea to settle their latest dispute in the puppet's court with Dottie being the judge, the case was if Pops burnt Louie's lunch, but she find's both guilty of being "pains in the butt".
38 Broken Weinerizer The Weinerizer is broken. Marc, being a proud "do-it-yourself" guy, offers his best to fix it. He eventually does in the last minute. Zip was helping him and he gets stuck until the end of the show where he grows into human size then falls out the side of the machine.
39 Network Censors Episode has not surfaced as of yet.
40 Louie Becomes a Citizen Louie, after waiting many years for his papers gets to become a citizen of Weinerville! So the gang throws him a party!
41 Louie's Crush Louie has a crush on Dottie! Alvin's Cruise (1962) & Magoo's Glorious Fourth (1957)
42 Dottie's Cousin Dottie goes on vacation and has her cousin fill in for her who happens to boss around the Weinerville gang like a drill Sargent.
43 Brain Switch Dottie and Commander Ozone switch bodies in a Freaky Friday sort of way!
44 Parallel Universe Commander Ozone and Wilson are entering coordinates to visit Weinerville. However, Wilson let his hair grow little to big that he reads the coordinates backwards. They enter a parallel Weinerville, a world just like Weinerville but backwards, even roles are reversed like Zip being the Mayor of Weinerville. Professor Phosphate works to bring them home.
45 Boney's Spell Professor Phosphate's invention goes wrong and it releases a toxic gas that makes everyone in Puppet City act like Boney.
46 The Time-Slot War Dottie got wind of the network wanting a show to air before "Weinerville". but news travels fast that everyone in Puppet City has a show idea, things get out of hand.
47 Dottie's High School Reunion Dottie has been invited to her high school reunion. Not particularly excited, she invites Socko as her date and makes a great impression.
48 Loca Cola Dottie is addicted to the "Loca Cola" soda and learns a lesson on when to say "no".
49 Weinervilla Weinerville is being sued by a Spanish show called "Weinervilla" claiming "Weinerville" stole their idea. Ostrich (1961) & Mexico-the Brave Chipmunks (1961)
50 Ego Crazy Everybody in Weinerville has there ego's out of control, even Boney is threatening to quit unless he gets "Barney" money. So Marc calls upon Kevin Elemeno P. to come and be the voice of reason. However, Kevin runs the Weinerizer and Playland and his ego gets out of control. Polly Wolly Doodle (1961) & Theodore's Dog (1961)
51 Marc's Errands Marc has so much to do, that he is not around for the first half of the show. Kevin Elemeno P.'s mom helps run a Socko skit with Kevin comes out stopping the sketch. Marc eventually comes back and keeps Kevin from shutting the production down.
52 Variety Show or Sitcom Dottie and Marc disagree on what the show is, but finally come to an agreement after turning the show into a sitcom (I Love Lucy parody, with Marc playing the husband). Then the second half was a variety show with dancers, and even a song "Welcome to Weinerville"
53 DTV Mayor Dottie abandons her role as the Mayor of Weinerville and starts her own public access fly-by-night cable network. On one of her projects, she interviews Melissa Joan Hart and the cast of Clarissa Explains It All. While Strolling in the Park (1961) & This is Your Life, Clyde Crashcup! (1961)
54 Socko Framed Episode has not surfaced as of yet.
55 Royal Dottie Episode has not surfaced as of yet.
56 Zip Runs Away Zip feels unappreciated and he runs away where he goes to live with Captain Ozone. Luckily in a Wizard of Oz-type of way, Zip encounters a "fairy godmother" who looks exactly like Louie and explains how he is important. Zip makes it back home by wishing, "There's no place Like Weinerville" with Zip's hot Cocoa too!
57 Dottie's Dating Game Dottie gets a love letter from an old flame that lives in Alaska. She leaves over night, not knowing that Marc planned a Dating Game for Dottie (The Dating Game Parody, none of the three bachelor's can not see Dottie. The bachelors are played by Ray Abruzzo as a hunky bad boy, Scott Fellows as a nice clean cut guy, and Brian Berns as a filthy slob). With Dottie being gone, Marc provides the voice for her. Meanwhile, Dottie learning that the flame of hers is seeing someone else, she storms back home. However, she isn't back before she is supposed to choose who she wants to date, so Marc chooses the nice guy. Dottie comes back and chooses the good-looking bad boy.
58 Weinerville: The Movie Marc is directing and working on casting for a motion picture based on Weinerville which actors and actresses try out for their roles.
59 Marc's Lost Memory Marc hits his head and loses his memory after Mayor Dottie tells him that the head of the network Clara Cloud is coming. Now Mayor Dottie, Zip, Pops, Louie, Socko, and Professor Phosphate must find a way to restore Marc's memory.
60 Back to the Past from a Look into the Future Professor Phosphate creates a device that can look through the future and the past.
61 Pollution Eric von Firstensecond uses Weinerville as his landfill area. While Marc works on a way to clean up the mess, Zip becomes Eco Man to combat Eric von Firstensecond. Polly Wolly Doodle (1961) & Theodore's Dog (1961)
62 XR-3 Space Shuttle Game Dottie invents a new video game that becomes a success. The evil Eric von Firstensecond sees how much money she made. He wants to marry her and she says no. So he takes matters into his own hands. Marc, Socko, Captain Ozonem and even Wilson get kidnapped and trapped from Fufusky's evil poison string (Silly String). Luckily, Captain Ozone has a harmonica he was playing in jail, that also transmits to Professor Phosphate. Professor Phosphate works out a devise in Playland to free Marc and the crew. Boney runs the Weinerizer and Playland. Finally, Firstensecond is trapped in the video game getting smacked with meteors by Socko who enjoys playing the video game. Good Neighbor (1961) & Mexico-the Brave Chipmunks (1961)
TV Specials & Air Dates:  Title Plot
December 31, 1993 Nick New Year’s Eve (Host segments) Marc and his Weinerville characters host the best Nickelodeon shows and Nicktoons of 1993.

NOTE: This is the first time we see Boney's new design and Dottie with the season two wig.

Special 1: December 31, 1994 The Weinerville New Year's Special: Lost in the Big Apple When Marc and the Weinerville gang head to New York City for New Year's, Dottie accidentally forgets to inform them that they have to join Cocktail Frank and His Weenies to perform at Nick's New Year's Eve party and tries to get the message out to them.
December 31, 1994 Nick New Year’s '95 (Host segments) Marc and his Weinerville characters host the best Nickelodeon shows and Nicktoons of 1994. This one is shot in Times Square with guests Danny Tamberelli and Melissa Joan Hart.
Special 2: December 14, 1995 The Weinerville Chanukah Special The Weinerville inhabitants are celebrating Chanukah at the Weinerville Ski Lodge as Marc is on his way there with his family and friends. Two potato pancake-looking Sectos named Nivek (Joanne Blum) and Sinrek (Michael Gunst) are pursued by the evil alien king Antidorkus (Brian O'Connor) of the Kerg Empire and crash-land at the Weinerville Ski Lodge where they receive the help of Boney, Socko, and Fluffy the Dog.

Diesel, Denny Dillon, Laura Kightlinger, Buster Poindexter, and Marc Summers also make appearances in this special.

Special 3: February 17, 1996 The Weinerville Election Special: From Washington B.C. Boney is running for president and the Weinerville gang helps him with his campaign. However, the other candidate Hugh J. Magnate (Phillip Mansfield) is not pleased and is working on an evil scheme to sabotage Boney along with his henchman "Knuckles" (Joe O'Connor). With the help of Boney's campaign manager Liberty Brown (Preslaysa Edwards), they will expose Hugh for his evil plan to turn all nation's parks into parking lots.

NOTE: The Hugh J. Magnate name was later used by writer Scott Fellows' other project A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner! where the character was named Hugh J. Magnate Jr. and portrayed by Steven Weber.

Broadcast history[edit]

NOTE: All times are eastern

Date Time slot
July 1993 - November 1996 Sunday, 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. (Sunday Marathon)
November 1993 - May 1994 Monday-Friday, 3:00 - 3:30 p.m.
May 1994 - August 1994 Monday-Friday, 3:30 - 4:00 p.m.
August 1996 - June 1997 Monday-Friday, 7:00 - 7:30 a.m.

Guest stars[edit]

(not all interviews were shown, Sean O'Neal and Jason Zimbler were just quickly glimpsed)


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