Wellcome Trust Centre for Stem Cell Research

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The Wellcome Trust Centre for Stem Cell Research
AffiliationUniversity of Cambridge
DirectorProfessor Austin Smith
Cambridge, England, United Kingdom
WebsiteWellcome Trust Centre for Stem Cell Research

The Wellcome Trust Centre for Stem Cell Research (CSCR) at the University of Cambridge is a research centre for the nature and potential medical uses of stem cells. It is located on Tennis Court Road in central Cambridge, England.

The Centre is funded by the Wellcome Trust and the Medical Research Council. The main areas of study include pluripotent and neural stem cells,[1] as well as epidermal stem cells.[2][3] Key advances in stem cell science at the centre include the elucidation of the role of the nanog protein in pluripotency[4] and work on inhibiting cellular differentiation.[5] It also conducts human embryo work as approved by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority.[6][7]


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