West Papuan Highlands languages

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West Papuan Highlands
Irian Highlands
Highlands of Irian Jaya
Linguistic classificationTrans–New Guinea
  • West Papuan Highlands
Irian Highlands languages.svg
Map: The Irian Highlands languages of New Guinea
  The Irian Highlands families
  Other Trans–New Guinea families
  Other Papuan languages
  Austronesian languages

The West Papuan Highland languages, also known as the Irian Highland languages, are a branch of the Trans–New Guinea language family proposed by Larson & Larson (1972) and confirmed by Timothy Usher.[1] William A. Foley considers their Trans–New Guinea identity to be established.


Capell linked the Dani languages to Kwerba in 1962, a position followed by Wurm, who included Dani-Kwerba and the Wissel Lakes (Paniai Lakes) languages as branches of Trans–New Guinea. Larson & Larson (1972) proposed that the Dani and Paniai Lakes families, along with the Amung and Dem isolates, grouped together within TNG. Ross (2005) suggests a possible link between Dani and Paniai with his West TNG proposal. Usher proposes that the Amung and Dem languages are closest to each other.