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West Street
Glasgow Subway
Glasgow Underground.jpg
LocationTradeston, Glasgow
Coordinates55°51′00″N 4°15′55″W / 55.85000°N 4.26528°W / 55.85000; -4.26528Coordinates: 55°51′00″N 4°15′55″W / 55.85000°N 4.26528°W / 55.85000; -4.26528
Operated bySPT
Structure typeunderground
Other information
Fare zoneG
Passengers (2018)0.195 million annually[1]

West Street subway station on the Glasgow Subway network serves the Tradeston and Kingston areas of Glasgow, Scotland.

Left in an isolated industrial area by post-war reconstruction, it is the least busy station on the network with just 150,000 boardings in the 12 months to 31 March 2005 and under 100,000 by 2012.[2]

West Street was initially one of the Glasgow Park and Ride stations. However, on 16 February 2008,[3] the car park was closed as part of the M74 construction enabling works. The east part of the large car park for Shields Road station is closer to West Street than Shields Road, but most passengers are travelling to the city centre so choose Shields Road, the earlier stop of the two in that direction, as they would be more likely to get a seat for their journey than at West Street.

The station will become a major interchange if the Glasgow Crossrail is given the green light. West Street is one of the stations mentioned in Cliff Hanley's song The Glasgow Underground.[4]

Past passenger numbers[edit]

  • 2004/05: 0.150 million annually
  • 2011/12: 0.098 million annually[2]
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Bridge Street   Glasgow Subway   Shields Road
West Street subway station in 1966


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