West of the Wall

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"West of the Wall" is a 1962 song written by Wayne Shanklin, which was recorded as a single by Toni Fisher. The song tells of the sadness of lovers separated by the Berlin Wall which divided Germany into East and West at the time, and expresses the hope that the wall will soon fall. The Berlin Wall had been constructed in 1961, and in fact did not fall until 1989. The song was a Top 40 hit for Toni Fisher in the United States, where it reached #37 on the Billboard Hot 100 in July 1962. It was issued on the Bigtop label. It enjoyed greater success in Australia, where it reached #1 on the Australian chart for two weeks beginning 21 July. It was recorded at Gold Star Recording Studio, Hollywood.

Fisher's earlier 1961 single for Signet, "You Never Told Me", had "Toot Toot Amore" on the B side, which was the same melody and arrangement as "West of the Wall" with different lyrics.